Booing your own team is wrong

I think there’s a huge distinction between someone standing on the field not caring what’s happening because he’s already banked his check, and a player who always hustles and gives everything, but happens to be having an off night.

In the former case, booing can be acceptable because the guy isn’t trying, and therefore, doesn’t belong on the team. But in the latter, I can’t understand why you’d want to put down your own guy. He plays hard for his team and the fans, and even if it didn’t work out this particular night, you know he’ll be out there the next day playing hard again. What’s to boo about that?

I will say, though, that in the case of baseball at least, it is sometimes hard to distinguish between fans who are booing the pitcher for having a bad outing, or booing the manager for leaving him in the game up to that point.

No player in football has an impact on all aspects of the game, yet you boo the players.

I think that’s a generally accepted approach. However, there are isolated and spectacularly stupid plays that some atheletes make, the sorts of plays that instantly turn a win into a big loss, and it’s difficult to restrain a negative reaction. You throw a bad pitch once in a while, no biggie. You lob a melon into the strike zone during the bottom of the ninth with bases loaded and a two point lead…I’m sorry, you’re going to get some boos.

I don’t see your point.

That should have been a no-brainer. :smiley:

Hey, the Yankee players themselves will admit that the N.Y. fans are nuts.
They are loved one inning, and hated the next. Jeter himself has said that cheers and boo’s are part of the Yankee experience. The players know that if they do well, they are Gods. If they fuck up, they get trashed. Move on, new inning coming up.

See, here’s my take on fandom. At least how it should be and how it is with me.
Using the World Champion San Antonio Spurs as an example.

I love the Spurs. Their talent, their personalities, their sportsmanship.
I root for them to win, I don’t expect them to win for ME.
It’s their job, they want to win and sure they’d like to make us fans happy but the wins, the championships are for THEM. When they aren’t doing well, I’m sad for them, not pissed off at them.

Athletes just standing around on the court/field/et al not caring but happy with their paychecks is bullshit. They may be injured, mentally distracted or generally not up to par but they want to win, equally they want not to lose.
Any athlete or ex-athlete understands that. Most fans never have been.

I will pit any and all Yankee fans that ever booed Jeter or Mo or Bernie but I will defend the people who booed Johnson the other night. I may have booed him myself.
When a star fails that badly on that big of a stage in that crucial of a game, it is fair to boo him. Please note that Small had a poor outing and the fans actually gave him a polite hand when he left.
He is the underdog, who already proved his worth to the team.

That’s where I am.

I was so frustrated with Cleveland the last week of the season because if that slump had happened two weeks earlier it wouldn’t be what people remembered. Now, they get to hear that they are chokers. That just pisses me off.

The way many people talk about their teams, I wonder why they would want them to win at all, ever. If they’re just a bunch of spoiled, whiny snots, why root for them?

To me, they are just people who happen to be playing a game that I’m passionate about. Some of them seem like fun people, some like boring people, some like dumb people, some like obnoxious people.

The Indians did very poorly the last week, but I will defy anyone to look at Coco Crisp’s face after the last out and tell me that he is a lazy, spoiled, whiny snot who deserves to be booed. Pfah.

In Soviet Union, Team boos YOU!

Anyway, I don’t generally boo the team I’m cheering for. But in NY, the players don’t just have to beat the other team but they must conquer the city as well. Randy Johsone aka the Big Unit, hasn’t done that, so his only saving grace is winning.

Update: I had this discussion with a friend of mine who’s a Yankees fan (I didn’t know when I met her, I swear). And she says that it’s FINE to boo your own player when they play like shit. How else are you going to let them know you’re displeased with them?

Just more evidence that Yankees fans are uncivilized.

But they’re entertainers who get paid millions of dollars to NOT play like shit. It’s their well-compensated job to put on a good show. If you paid a hundred bucks to go see a magic act, and the magician spends the whole show pulling quarters out from behind your ear and doing other tricks that any child could do, are you not going to feel ripped off? Are you completely unjustified when you tell a D-list clown you paid A-list money to see to start performing or get off the stage?

Philladelphia fans boo bone-headedness, a lack of effort, or playing like you don’t even belong in the big leagues. There may be plays where the fan perception is wrong. But that’s what gets the boos. We love “dirty uniform” players and those that give their all. Walk four straight batters in the ninth inning of a three-run game, or jog lazily after a ball in the corner–hey, nitwit, get your head in the game! What is wrong with you?

By the way, if you ever want to be entertained at Citizen’s Bank Park, hang out at the railing above the visitor’s bullpen. The commentary from the fans is absolutely hilarious. Anybody that doesn’t like this sort of thing is a pansy-ass, passion-less dope from some second-rate town. So there.

::cue Eagle’s fight song music::
Fly Eagles, fly! On the road to victory!..

Do you think they really have a choice? They could have played better, but chose not to?

I just don’t see the point in ragging on people who are doing their best. Yes, if they obviously aren’t doing the best they can, get mad. Even better, withhold your money. But to scream at someone, especially in baseball where failure is expected, seems childish to me.

You know who often isn’t trying their best to win in baseball? The owners. The Royals players want to win. The Royals owners just seem to want to pocket the revenue sharing. Booing the guys on the field who are doing their best is silly. Booing the owners who are not doing their best would make sense, just don’t direct it at the people who can’t control it.

This was exactly my friend’s argument. (She further argued that any other fans would boo their players too. She’s wrong.) Honestly, I see the logic, but it grates against my idea of how baseball fans should behave. I’m a Giants fan, trust me I have seen some truly shitty baseball, and I have never booed them. I sit quietly, biting my nails, or I urge them to turn things around. I LIKE the Giants. I WANT them to win. How will booing encourage that? It’s mean and spiteful and I think no one who is a true fan of their team would boo them.

In my oppinion, there are mistakes, and then there’s just negligence. The “choice” to be negligent is irrelevant. If I were negligent on my job, I’d get called on it in no uncertain terms, and nobody would be using kid-gloves on me. I think that’s the way it should be, quite frankly. I’m not getting paid to be a fuckup. I have the job I do because I’ve shown the ability to be a good employee. There’s an expected standard of excellence that’s perfectly reasonable to ask of me, and if I fail to work to that standard, I’ve got no one to blame but myself. I’m not asked to be perfect, but I’m not paid to be incompetant either. Incompetance is rewarded accordingly in my job. I think there’s a means of rewarding an entertainer’s incompetance as well, and that’s by having the audience voice some disapproval. I think it’s the audience’s prerogative to voice that disapproval, as it’s their money they’re paying for a good show. Certainly there’s a limit to applicability, but I don’t think that limit ought to be such that I can only voice approval. That’s not fair to me.

It’s not like I’m preventing you from voicing whatever you want. I simply consider it classless. And, like I said in my OP, I hope the fans who boo get what I feel they deserve–a losing team. To me, people who boo aren’t fans of the team, they are fans of winning.

Oh, very well put. That’s it exactly.

Booing a college team is wrong. For the most part, they’re just kids on scholarship, presumably some of whom are in class with your own kids.

Booing profession athletes is quite another thing. Sometimes booing is the only appropriate thing to do, especially when your team is losing 40 to 0 and its cold and rainy. I speak from experience here.

One shouldn’t boo typos though, especially ones which say “profession” rather than “professional.” :smack: