Booing your own team is wrong

I don’t think everything my favorite sports team does is wise or well done, but I don’t boo them or the individual players.

I’m watching the playoff game between the Angels and the Yankees, and the Yankee fans booed Randy Johnson as he left the game. To me, that is classless and, frankly, I hope such fans get what I feel they deserve–a losing team.

Obviously, since a whole bunch of people are booing, a whole bunch of people disagree. But they’re wrong! So there. :smiley:

Yankee fans and class don’t really mix.

Well I’m booing the fucking Red Sox at the moment. Idiots. World Champs, we hardly knew ye.

Moving thread from IMHO to MPSIMS.

Amen to the OP. I’ve sat at far too many Dodger games watching the fans boo a good pitcher who has a bad outing. It’s pathetic.

While I don’t ever approve of booing your own team (unless they’ve done something truly classless or they clearly aren’t trying), I especially despise when a normally good or great player gets booed while having a bad game. I hope the boo-birds never make mistakes on their jobs… :rolleyes:

Booing either team is wrong. Whatever happened to politely clapping when the opposition do something clever?

It’s just not cricket (and sadly even that game is going downhill in this regard).

If it’s a Little League game, I agree completely.

But pro-sports players make millions to do what they do, and the huge prices we pay for tickets reflect this to no small degree. I don’t feel so bad complaining when it’s a millionaire out there diddling with his cup rather than performing like a handsomely-paid elite athelete.

In the Northeast we boo bad performances by players that haven’t done anything for us yet and are getting big contracts. RJ has been very disappointing. Small did not get booed because everything he does is a bonus. This is true at Fenway, Shea, Yankee Stadium & Philly. It is somewhat true in Baltimore.

I hate when great players get booed that have done great things. I have witnessed: Garciapara, Jeter, Pedro, Rivera, Mike Schmidt and many other get booed. Some are immune. Anyone Yankee fan that could boo Jeter, Bernie or Mo is not a Yankee fan. Any Redsox fan that could Boo Fisk, Boggs or Garciapara are poor fans.

RJ really put us in a hole and the only thing he ever did for the Yankees was kill us in 95 and 2001. He gets booed for a terrible outing.

My sentiments exactly. We’re not talking about a youth basketball league where the players’ feelings matter. We’re talking about professionals who get paid large amounts of money to amuse us. If I’m buying a ticket I want to see some performance. If a pitcher’s getting $9 million dollars a year and he can’t find the strike zone, damn right he’s going to get booed.

Occasionally getting fed up with your team’s playing like a bunch of drunken losers is one thing, but booing them out of malice instead of passion is entirely different and, IMO, inexcusable.

And those who make arguments about how much money the athletes are making are totally misguided. Does your interest in a sporting event depend on how much money the players are making? If so, you and I are watching for entirely different reasons.

Except win 17 games this season, go 6-0 down the stretch, and beat the Red Sox five times. Other than that… :rolleyes:

I think booing your own team is a jerk move. And I think something must be wrong in the water in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia’s a weird case in that they boo and throw batteries at players they LIKE. Explaining that one could probably get you a Ph.D in psychology and possibly a Nobel Prize.

I think booing your own team is only acceptable in circumstances where they make such an egregious breach of the rules or sportsmanship as to reflect badly on themselves and the team. For example, Yankee fans would have been entitled to boo A-Rod after “The Slap” against the Red Sox last year.

Otherwise, though, you don’t boo your own guys.

They booed Santa Claus. I think Freud would have skipped town rather than take up this case.

Booing your own team for lackadaisical or dumb play if fine with me.

I don’t understand this whole OP. I could see demanding absolute silence at sporting events in general, but if you’re supposed to cheer them when they play exceptionally well, whyh the hell shouldn’t you be able to boo them for playing as if they don’t care, as if their primary function is to collect a huge salary but with no commitment for learning the team’s signs or policies, as if bothering to remember how many outs there are is just an option, as if following standard practices taught to Little Leaguers doesn’t apply to them, etc?

(Can you tell I grew up as a Mets fan? What gave it away?)

You’re kidding with this, right?

I thought the booing in San Diego every time Eli Manning took the field lent great energy to that game, and was completely justified and appropriate.

Of course, unlike other sports, fans making noise is a known tactic in the NFL. The “12th man” isn’t just an expression; it can directly influence the game.

jsgoddess, I agree totally, and made the same observation in the “Go White Sox!” thread. Not only did they boo their own player (which really shocked me), when Benji Molina was beaned so hard he was knocked down and had to be helped off the field, they didn’t give him the courtesy “good luck” ovation.

Honestly, I was disgusted by their behavior. Okay, I hate the Yankees like all upright and good citizens of this fine nation, but I never really had any opinion of their fans. Well, now I know what a bunch of classless boors they are. I hope the Yankees lose even more than I already did now, their fans don’t deserve a winning team.

In Buffalo they put “The 12th Man” up on the wall of fame.

I’ve booed the Bills leaving the field at the end of some pretty pathetic and sad first halves. I paid my money and if they are screwing up, I feel justified in shouting out my opinions.

I missed that part of the game. No good luck clap? That’s just wrong!

But if you’re the 12th man and they lose, you should be booed 'cause you didn’t do your job. You want credit? Then take the blame, too.

The 12th man can only help 1/3 of the game: defense. There is no impact on offense or special teams.

Have you seen Buffalo recently? While the defense has been struggling, especially now with their star LB out for the season, the offense has been worse than pathetic. Not much the fans can do for that except boo to voice their displeasure with the coaching staff. (And pulling Losman was ridiculous. That move cam 8 games too late…shoulda pulled Bledsoe down the stretch last season and gotten some of J.P.'s growing pains out of the way. 20-20 hindsight, I guess.)

Speaking of Buffalo’s offense and J.P.'s struggles, how unbelievably bad must the Texans pass defense be? It boggles the mind.