Book Drive Request - Benefits Veteran's Home

I have received unanimous approval from the CS mods before posting this thread (thanks guys!).

My son is participating in a book drive and I would like to request donations for any books you could send. The books will be used to stock a library at the Col. Robert L. Howard State Veterans Home currently being built in Pell City, Alabama.

The book drive is part of a merit program for my son’s Boy Scout troop. I know that some people have distaste for the BSA (especially in light of the recent announcement regarding their refusal to change their policy on gay scouts). I fully understand and respect that. I would hope, however, that you don’t discourage others to donate if they wish. I do understand that part of this donation is your paying postage to get it here so I really appreciate it!

We have some local official drop locations, but I am assuming most of you guys are not local. :slight_smile: If you would like to send books, they can be sent to one of the locations and I can PM you the address. Unless I am inundated with generous souls who want to send books for the veteran’s library, and then I’ll take a chance on posting it here! We will be collecting until the end of August.

Thanks so much. I have never done a thread like this before so please ask if you have any questions and I’ll answer as they pop up!

If it would be easier for me to post the address I’ll do so. I just wasn’t sure what to do about that.

I’ll send a couple of books. PM me the address and I’ll get them out in a couple of days. I’m kind of broke until Friday.

What kind of books? New, used, fiction, nonfiction?

They did not ask for any certain type except that they not be children’s books (since this is a home and the population will more than likely be older). I would assume they won’t read 50 Shades of Gray :slight_smile: but I would think fiction or autobiographies or the like would be popular.

I will note that no one has specified large print but any of those would be welcome as well (I’m making some assumptions about the ages here).

Thank you Drunky Smurf! I’ll send the PM now!

The books are on their way.

And a bump for others who may have missed it the first go around.

That is great! Thank you!