Book ID: YA Book with girl Who Accidentally Injured Dog?

Ok, here’s what I remember. the main characher is a girl maybe 13 or 14. Her little dogs goes everywhere with her and has a limp. Turns out when her dog was a puppy she got annoyed with him and smacked him with a broom, and he’s been limping ever since. She has a guilty conscience about the whole thing.

Girl lives were her mother, or maybe aunt? and they are fairly poor. At one point she finds $5 on the street and its a big deal.

Again, at some point in the story Girl befriends a vet and he agrees to fix the dog up (why? I don’t recall. Maybe they do him a favor in return?) dog is all better! Guilt resolved!

I don’t believe it was a historical novel, but it wasn’t set in the 80s or later.

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Oh no, I stumped the dope!?

It also occured to me, that the part I remembered might possibly have been a side story in the novel, not the main point of it.

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This doesn’t sound familiar to me, but it would be easier for people to help you track it down if you could say when you read the book and any character names that you might remember.

I read the book in the 80s, and I don’t remember any character names. There were a few black & white illustrations, IIRC one included the dog holding up the injured paw, but it wasn’t an illustrated or picture book.

Perhaps one of these will ring a bell:

I remember this book, but I can’t seem to remember enough of it to google. Was the dog’s name Barney? I would have read the book in about 4th or 5th grade, so about 1976. I have a faint feeling it was part of a series about girls’ lives in “the old days”.

In my memory, the main character has a dramatic confession about how she swept the dog off the porch because he wouldn’t move, and that’s how he was injured.

Barney? might have been… I definitely remember the dramatic confession and how upset Girl was about the whole thing. In my memory the dog was bugging her in a puppyish way while she swept but maybe that’s just a different way to describe the same thing. I think I also read it around 4th grade.

I am so excited to even get a nibble on this one. You have no idea.

Have you submitted a Stump the Bookseller request on Loganberry Books? Those folks have crowdsolved some pretty impenetrable-looking book search mysteries.

Haven’t tried yet but thanks for the tip. I looked through their “solved mysteries” but didn’t see anything that matched. I might end up submitting it though.