Book Production & Publishing Services

It’s my impression that the ratio of book ideas and manuscripts to Dopers probably exceeds 1:1. We’re just that kind of crowd.

Among other things, I am a publication designer and publisher with nearly 30 years of experience - an old-world craftsman using next week’s tools and techniques. My books and other publications are out there… and I know some of you own copies because you’ve mentioned them.

I’ve recently had some big projects wrap up and have room for new clients and projects, so here’s an offer straight to my fellow Dopers: If you’ve got a book ready for publication, or one in the works, or just an idea you haven’t acted on because you don’t know how to get to that crucial end stage… let’s talk. I can help with every single step of the process - all the way or cafeteria-style - and get you to the polished, professional result you want.

Just a quick summary of my capabilities:

[li]Authoring assistance and content development. (Very selectively.)[/li][li]Editing (all phases including multi-author coordination).[/li][li]Interior book design, from novel/narrative to complex reference layouts.[/li][li]Cover and jacket design.[/li][li]Photography and illustration services.[/li][li]E-Book prep and conversion.[/li][li]Press prep.[/li][li]Print brokering (traditional print & binding, short-run, POD, e-book) at exceptional trade rates.[/li][li]Small publisher operations consulting.[/li][li]Promotional/marketing support and consulting.[/li][/ul]
As for quality - my productions compare to Seven Sisters and top-tier university press publications, and exceed a good portion of what’s rushed to shelves these days even from major publishers… never mind the obvious DIY, DTM/vanity and most small-press books we can all spot at ten feet.

So if you’re ready to publish or getting close, want to join the ranks of direct sellers (where you can actually reach your market and make a profit), and want to do it in the most cost-effective, fully-professional way you can… let’s talk.

Your project need not be a traditional book-book… if it needs shaping a lot like a book - catalog, services directory, portfolio, product manual etc. - I do those as well.
Note that I am not offering to publish your book in the formal sense of that term.
This is an offer of publication services, to get your book produced and
ready for publication and sale under your own name or imprint.
It’s *your *book and remains that way.

I prefer to keep my presence here isolated from my real-world life, so I’d rather not put direct email or web links here. Drop me a PM and I’ll be happy to give you my site link. You can decide from there whether I’m the provider you’re looking for.