Book Reading Contest anybody?

Is this a really dumb idea? …to have everyone read any book of their choice for like 3 months and see who has read the most books (pages) at the end? I would like to read more but I figured I could use some motivation… or maybe I’d end up giving up after the first week when I realize people are reading 1000 pages a week. This is like, my evil plan to make people who refuse to go to libraries go broke buying new books :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, what are your thoughts?

Dumb idea in my opinion, and I’m one of those who usually reads 1000 pages (or more) a week. Although it would give those who were temporarily out of a job bragging rights. I know when I was unemployed (rather than just underemployed, like I am now) it was more like 3000 or more pages a week.

How would you verify how much a person reads?

I figured people here are more honest than other online communities so that’s why I posed the question.

I don’t think it would be very motivating for the average person, because in the end it would end up being a contest between a handful of people who read voraciously and happen to be off school for the summer or between jobs.

I read a lot and love reading, but I couldn’t hold a candle to the type of reader mentioned above.

Hah. I read War and Peace while this page loaded!
I WIN!!!

[sub]A quiz? What do you mean a quiz? Oh, man, look at the time, I gotta go![/sub]


tachyon -

If your goal is to get yourself more motivated to read, how about doing what I call a “Book Project”. I make a list of books I’ve been meaning to read, set a time period (over the summer works) and then start reading. I get to put a little check mark by each book when I’ve finished, and I get a feeling of accomplishment.

To give yourself even more motivation, you could post the Tachyon Book Project thread here or in MPSIMS (not sure where it belongs). Then everyone could be updated on your progress, and maybe even discuss the books you’re reading with you. You’d have the satisfaction of seeing your success at reading posted publicly (without the annoyance of those 1000 page/week posts) and the motivation of knowing that the Teeming Millions would all be witnesses if you didn’t complete the project.

Just a suggestion that might work for you. Now I probably should go make up a summer reading list of my own…

It sounds like an okay idea, but I’m afraid I must admit I’m a speed reader… I’m not sure it would be fair, for the reasons listed above.
Gah. Just finished The Fountainhead. Gah. hated it.

Personally I always made it my rule not to race any faster-than-light particles. That said, I’d recommend joining a book discussion group. You’d be obliged to keep up with the other members in order to participatate in the discussions.

Yeah. I read quite fast, too, but I don’t think that’s the point. I mean, sure, speed is great and all, but it’s more what you read that’s interesting. Quality, not quantity.

Well, as a matter of fact, I’m on page 144 of War and Peace right now, myself. It’ll be the second time I’ve read it, too. God, I love that book. After the first 100 pages and being intimidated by what seems like 100 Russian-sounding names all at once, it’s really easy to get into, and one kick-ass story. But I will NEVER win a speed reading race while reading W & P. It’s like a fine wine, and I have to go slow to enjoy it. Last time it took me 2 library renewals to finish it. That’s 9 weeks, and I was rushing at the end.

For me reading has some similarities to drinking wine. When I was young I was willing to drink some very cheap rotgut stuff with screw-on caps as fast as I could for no other purpose than to get drunk. But now that I have aged a bit, I tend to enjoy savoring the wine and taking my time drinking it (I’m a bit more selective on what I drink too).

So it is with reading. There was a time that I would sprint through some predictable piece of SF by the flavor of the month author or the most recent potboiler by Stephen King, but more recently I have learned to, well, savor the good stuff in print.

So, no racing here unless it is to see who could take the most time reading and appreciating a work and I probably would lose that because I would get caught up in some section and not be able to put the book down.

I have a personal reading project, ongoing for years now. Anne Rice’s book The Witching Hour says something along the lines of “Give me a man who has read a thousand books and you give me an interesting companion. Give me a man who has read three, and you give me a dangerous enemy.”

I instantly resolved to read at least a thousand books in my lifetime. I went back and wrote down as many as I could remember, and whenever I read another book I add it to the list. Fiction, nonfiction, textbooks-it all goes on the list. I’m up to about 560.

It sucked slow-reading it too. Trust me.

Studying for the Bar Exam at the end of July.

Timing’s good, I’ll play

Rather than just make it a pissing contest, how about making it into something more worthwhile, such as a fundraiser over the course of 2 weeks? You know, get people to sponsor you and pay X amount (a penny per page for those who can afford it, or a penny for every 5 or 10 pages for others) for every page you read – with all money going to charity. I remember doing something like this in 3rd grade, and I managed to raise a good deal of dough for some cause or another.