Book, Tom Sawyer, "Blue", Graphic Novel, pre-1986

You guys have answered ridiculously difficult questions before for a friend of mine. I am asking now if you can help another friend.

The facts:

-Thin book called ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ or ‘Tom Sawyer’ or something close about, of course, the general story we all know.
-Graphic novel
-printed mid 80’s or before
-‘blue’, sorry nothing more there, he just remembers the cover had blue and some art though he couldn’t remember more.

Finding this book means a lot to him. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.

This seems to fit, except it seems to have been published in 2010.

Acclaim Comics partnered with Classics Illustrated and did a highly-regarded Tom Sawyer, hand-painted by Mike Ploog. This was 10-12 years after the time frame you set, but I think your pal was conflating it with a later version anyway.

Marvel Comics did a really nice one in 1976, illustrated by the amazing ER Cruz. I think it was reprinted 20 years later by the Hooked On Phonics organization. Color was not particularly blue.

Thanks, I will look into those.