Help finding a Children's Book

When I was younger (somewhere in the 4-8 range) I had a book about a car (could’ve been a taxi, not sure)

The basic premise is though that the car is always speeding around getting tickets for whoever is “driving” it. It is sold off to someone else each time and painted another color ( blue, then yellow, then green, and I think eventually red) each color was due to the fact that it was used in a certain profession that required this color (yellow=taxi, red=fire chief’s car- etc.) I remember in the illustrations that there is a streak of color (speedlines) of whatever color the car was painted at that point in the story… it’s really all I’ve got - although I believe it finally becomes the fire chief’s car and is always the first car there (thus, a perfect fit since you don’t receive tickets for getting to the scene first in the rescue profession). :rolleyes:

Any guesses or information where I might input similar information and get an accurate result would be greatly appreciated.

Ask the nearest children’s librarian. They always know.


Get on the phone to your local public library, ask to speak to the Children’s Librarian.

Let me move this to Cafe Society for you. Better chance of an answer there.

No idea, but try this site, if you haven’t already.

2 dollars hmmph,
“Money doesn’t grow on tree ya know”

Wow, I would have thought more parents would be be coming forward for this one. I’m not a parent yet though, I just figure the stories I loved so much should bare some relevance in my child’s life someday.