Booker57 tanks the Jeopardy test

The subject line says all. I know I missed over 10 before I passed in the test,after they called out the names I knew it was over 15. They don’t tell you be how manny you missed by, so you can tell everyone who asks that you just missed by one. I know I missed more than 16. Never did know the capital of Latvia(Riga) now I will never forget. I will try again. Six month wait. To all who responded to my first thread thank you again.

I took the test here in Atlanta about a year ago. They started with about 80 people, and quickly narrowed them down to 6. I was one of the 74 given a JEOPARDY disposable pen and sent packing.

It was much harder than I figured it would be. I know have more respect for the people that get on TV and wind up with negative dollar amounts for their total. Even those people passed that bitch of a test.

Sorry to hear that, Booker. Keep trying and better luck next time.

FWIW, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” is a MUCH easier show to get on, with a little persistence, and I hope you’re working on that one too. Furthermore, the potential payoff is much higher, the producers pay your travel expenses, and the ego gratification is much greater.