Books Bound in Human Skin - Yes they do exist!

Via Fark - Interesting article

Books Bound in Human Skin; Lampshade Myth?

And they quote Unka Cecil’s column :

As I mentioned in the Comments thread that that column of Cecil’s gave rise to, the most famous example of a book bound in human skin is probably the notebook derived from William Burke - the half of Burke and Hare who didn’t turn King’s Evidence and was hung for bodysnatching as a result - in the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

What?! No copies of the Necronomicon De Mortis or the Malleus Malifacarum?

Seriously, I was in a Pagan discussion Yahoo group in which someone cited a pro-Wicca/Paganism “documentary” aired on PBS claiming that the Church bound copies of the MM with witches skin, and also repeating the Myth of the Nine Million.

I know nothing of any claims that the MM was bound in witches’ skin, but what portion of the report of millions of folks dead as a consequence of the witch-trials do you regard as “myth”? Do you view 9 million as an exaggeration, and, if so, by a factor of approximately what?

Three Wiccan/Neo-Pagan sites all agreeing that the more probable numbers are
40,000 to 100,000.

I would’ve guessed about a million point five, myself. (My copy of Trevor-Roper is at the other apartment, won’t be able to check figures until Tuesday evening).

Fair enough, I thought maybe you were one of those folks who confused Salem MA’s half-dozen with Europe’s which were nontrivial.

There is a book bound in the skin of the infamous murderer William Corder from the 19th century. His victim was Maria Marten who was killed in the famous Red Barn