Books: Daniel Suarez (Daemon; Kill Decision) - the new Michael Crichton?

Since many Dopers are tech/science based - any thoughts on the books by Daniel Suarez?


Kill Decision:

I have read both - both deliver airport-thriller goodness with a tech/science underpinning, like Crichton did. But Suarez, especially with Kill Decision, feels like he is getting very close to reality - drones that can exploit our ever-expanding surveillance data to pinpoint US individual people pretty much anywhere, and which can be programmed to make the decision to kill without needing jammable, human-driven radio controls? Freakin’ me out, I tells ya.

Anyone else read these? Thoughts? As novels, they are fun/guilty pleasures at best - Suarez is not in it for the Literature - but the premises and ideas used are often interesting and provide an interesting basis for a thriller.

And if there are any expert Dopers out there, I would be interested in any thoughts on the premises used…


Yes, this is a zombie thread from a long time ago, but since this never got any replies, I decided to resurrect it to extol the marvelous writing in Daniel Suarez’s two books Daemon and Freedom

If you haven’t read these yet, I heartily encourage you to do so. Although written in 2009, Mr. Suarez has described a near future that is eerily accurate.
Often compared to Crichton, Suarez’s writing is far better.

Very entertaining read, and in a big way, the world he describes is hopeful and brighter than the one we live in now.

I thought they were great books as well. I do feel that Daemon was better then Freedom. Some of the things in Freedom just didn’t seem plausible.