Books/movies tracking apps for iOS

My wife wants to know if anyone has an app they recommend for keeping track of books and movies, on iPhone/iPad.

Pocketpedia is the companion app for the amazing DVDpedia, which is only available for Macs. Not sure if it works on its own, but if it does, it’s awesome!

Keep track like an inventory, or what? lets you record books you own and have read. It has apps for most devices including iOS.

My wife watches a lot of streaming videos.
I think she just wants a way of keeping track of what she’s seen, and her rating.

She also reads a fair amount, and wants to do the same thing for books.

Oh, and I just found out that it’s not necessarily an iOS app she’s looking for - a Mac app might be better.

There’s, which looks like it’s intended to be Goodreads for movies. I’ve never used it.

You might find a web site + iOS app combo is the best bet, since you can use it from anywhere, desktop included.

If you’re considering applications for her Mac (or for a PC), I use Readerware to track my books, DVDs and CDs. It’s an older app and the newest version includes limited mobile support, but basically it’s meant to be used on a computer.