Books/sites on indie music promotion/distribution?

Hey, all. I have a student who is an independent musician with a band that is preparing to record an album. He is an experienced player, but is very new in as far as getting his stuff out there.

Can anyone recommend any books, websites, message boards, or any other sources of information that can help him educate himself and put together a solid plan for promoting and independently distributing his album?

Any advice you can offer that I will in turn pass on to him?

Thanks again! - Freewill39.

Three sites I always recommend to people:

Note that it does take money to make money. That’s where a lot of my friends’ musical ventures get caught up - they don’t listen when I tell them they have to invest a few bucks in their project before they can start making money.
Loads of valid, FREE, up-to-date information. Some of it is UK based, but so much more of it is universal.