Books that make good movies

I was reading a book the other day, and it came to mind…“This could make a great movie!” Of course, with my luck, it was a book from back in 7th grade. It was a good book, though… Anyone have any books they always thought would make a great movie?

A cheesey kid book from my childhood always stuck with me as a potential kid flick called * No Coins Please*. It is about a junior tour group that is taking a van from the East Coast to the west. Along the way, one of the campers keeps disappearing to set up mini businesses to make tons of money. It was the kind of kid empowerment that seems in these days (ala Spy Kids).

watsonwil, that book is by Gordan Korman, one of the funniest young adult writers I’ve ever read. I don’t know why you call it cheesy, though. Almost all of his earlier books are great, though I find his newer books for younger readers to be tedious.

I have always found the Discworld books to read remarkably like movies. I doubt that they’d turn out that well in this time and age, though, unfortunately. (Yeah, I’m aware there was an animated series made of a few of his books.) Good Omens also shared this tendency of his.

In a perfect world, I’d suspect they’d make excellent movies.


The Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich would make good movie material.

Also anything by Dean Koontz, his stuff seems more written to be a movie than a book.

they ARE makeing a good omen’s movie