Books, websites, etc. about marketing

We have experts in about everything, so I thought this might be a good place to ask.

I’d like to develop some marketing vocabulary, not to use it professionally, just to be able to put the right label on trends or techniques I see used. Can the Dope recommend any specifics book, webpages, youtube channels? Electronic formats preferred, but I’ve got room in my shelves for paper books too.

Thank you!

Moz and Hubspot are the two go-to marketing sites for newsletters and such.

Moz especially has the best content pieces in the biz

Be aware that there are a LOT of levels in marketing. If you’re only interested in the sort of daily-biz, Marketing 101 level, you can find plenty… but keep in mind it’s about as relevant to the industry as Poli Sci 101 is to the way Washington works.

The idealized and simplified platitudes of the entry level, as with most fields, don’t remain relevant very far up the chain except in a theoretical sense, the way “A Bill Becomes a Law” is never quite wrong as much as it doesn’t begin to cover the real machinery and processes that loosely adhere to the sketches.