When this came out earlier this year, Twitter tied itself in knots trying to figure out why it tanked in the box office. Now that it’s on Hulu and I saw it, I think I solved the mystery: it isn’t that good a movie.

Not really funny. Kind of boring. It at least had teenagers that looked like teenagers but otherwise it was a C+ comedy at best.

My wife and I watched it a week or so ago and quite enjoyed it. Just a perfectly acceptable teen/HS/coming of age comedy. Perhaps our standards for such films is pretty low, but it gave us enough yucks to be worth 90 min of our time.

We are in our late 50s, and our kids are grown. We’ve long enjoyed watching teen romcoms and such. First with our kds, then just to give us an idea of how current HSers are being portrayed in popular media. I don’t see how this was significantly worse than any number of such films going back to Mean Girls, How to Lose a Guy, most John Hughes, … etc. When we’ve rewatched certain of those, we often wonder, “What was it we thought so good about this film to warrant re-watching?”

I thought Eighth Grade was a depressing drama labelled as a comedy, and was vastly cheered up when Booksmart turned out to have quite a few funny moments, and was in general fun… That made up for it.

I don’t expect any such movies like Booksmart to be classics. I expect forums full of people with a lot of spare time, ie: students and teenagers, might be much more vocal on something they connect with rather than something about the trials of a middle aged woman…

Oh yes, and you mentioned Twitter. Who, really, gives a crap what Twitter ties itself in knots about? I think I’d rather be schizophrenic than read Twitter. At least there are fewer mad voices.

I saw it when it first came out. I thought that it was funnier and better written when it was called Superbad.

I kept seeing that comparison which probably raised my expectations because Superbad is one of the funniest movies ever. This was not that.

My review from the “… seen recently” thread.

Quick rating: Give it 1.5 phones with dead batteries.