BOOM! CRACKLE! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! (a bad day for the Belfrys with Pics!)

Last Monday, my husband got a call from work. He tore a cartilage in his knee, and has been home for 3 weeks. They had filled his position with someone else and when he gets back he’ll have different hours and different days. His other weekend job, accounts for half our income. The only thing they have available for the days he’ll have off at his main job, pays a lot less.

Less than an hour after he gets that news, we hear a huge crash. Then the electricity goes wonky before going completely out. There were storm warnings for the area and we had been hearing things blowing around all morning so we thought the crash was something from the yard hitting the house. For a second, I actually thought the beeping was a tornado warning signal, except it sounded kind of familiar. :dubious:

Then, we smelled smoke.

The fire dept. looked all over even scanning the walls for burning wires, but couldn’t find anything…

The thing from the yard, was actually from the neighbor’s yard.

And some of it hit the house…

But our 18 month old KIA suffered $9000 in damage.

We didn’t get the power back on until Thursday. That’s when we discovered what had been smoking…
It was the plugs on all the kitchen appliances except for the refrigerator. So we can now keep food in the house, we just can’t cook it.

Wow, what a shitty week. Sorry to hear it, and i hope things get better.

What’s the issue with liability for something like that? Are your neighbors (or their insurance company) on the hook for all the damage? Or is it just tough luck for you guys?

That’s the one thing that worries me up here: Trees coming down. In 2006/2007 the tops of a couple of cedars broke in high winds. They were they neighbours’, and fell on their house. But one top fell on the structure that surrounds the travel trailer (essentially part of the house) that I use for storage. It used to be where previous owners’ teenaged boys lived, and it had its own power. The electricity has been turned off for years, but the lines coming from the poles are still hot. One of the tree tops was resting on them. (There is a steel cable to support them.) A 30-foot branch of a (maple?) tree in my back yard came down as well. Too far away to hit anything, and I had firewood for the following Winter. That tree has a bifurcated trunk. The weaker half broke in December, and is leaning up against some cedars. I need to get someone to take it down. Actually, the whole tree should come down.

No piped-in gas here. I have a propane furnace for heat. In case of a (rare) major snowstorm, and if the propane truck can’t come out, I have electric heaters around the house.

But what if the electricity fails? I have three Coleman lanterns in the house (and one in a storage unit in town). I have a small collection of maybe a dozen Svea and Primus stoves. Plus a Swedish surplus alcohol stove. I think I have a two-burner Coleman stove in the storage unit. So I’ll be able to cook. (Refrigeration wouldn’t be a problem in the Winter.) I’ve a wood-burning stove, which at one time was the main heat for this old house.

Since there is no proof of negligence on their part, their insurance will only pay for removing the tree from their yard. Our insurance, is covering most of the damage, but just barely. The car needs $12,000 in damages to be totaled and they had to take it apart to find all the damage. But, we will eventually get it back with little chance of trading it in, EVER.

The house will probably be fixed in May or June. There was lots of storm damage in the area and we’re low on the list for repairs because nobody could even estimate the damage until Wednesday, when the power company finally removed the power line from the roof.

Wowsers, what a mess!

Re the job: was the injury incurred at work? If so, any chance your husband can force them to give him back his original schedule?

I don’t mean to be contrary, but my brand new Mazda3 took $11000 in repairs to be whole again after a rear-end crash/front end smash and I traded it in a month later to the same dealership that did all the work; they didn’t mark it down at all and I assume they had to know it was damaged. I didn’t tell them about the work but they had all their records right there. Maybe think about trading it for a 2010 - if they have any they’ll be glad to get them off the lot.

Wow that sucks hardcore. Hope things start getting better soon!

He was hurt at work. It’s a State job, and as long as his pay wasn’t cut (there), there’s not much he can do.