Boondock Saints

My first post

excellent movie…
its a mix between pulp fiction and godfather with a bit of frailty
maybe its a bad image
its good if your into action
can’t believe no one talked about this one before

here’s the link
Boondock Saints

Kickass flick. Powerful stuff. I got chills the first time:

Best vigalante flick I’ve ever seen.

DaLovin’ Dj

I loved this flick. I never understood why it wasn’t a mainstream production with a script like that.

Yeah, very few people have ever heard of this movie. It is Willam DaFoe at his best. The scene where he screams out “There was a GUN FIGHT!!!” as he re-creates the attack on the poker game (as if he were a conductor leading a symphony) with his hair flying all over the place and then he fires a couple of shots into the air in slow motion. What a sequence. Then the “joke man” gives him the finger - and then the movie gets REALLY interesting. The last 20 minutes take this from “Good” to “Amazing”.

Also, best use of a toilet in any movie ever . . .

DaLovin’ Dj

Checking my sources around the web - it looks like a sequel is in the works. It seems it will be minus DaFoe (he is busy in film and on stage - and his character’s arc was complete anyway). I’ve seen 2 titles referenced:

Boondock II: The Second Coming
Boondock II: All Saints Day

I like “All Saints Day” better. Hell, even without calling it Boondock II. They could make this film so that you really don’t have to see the first one pretty easily. I really hope they don’t fuck this up. Wonder if it will be straight to video (as I think the first one ended up being)?

DaLovin’ Dj

This might be sacriligeous, but I didn’t really like the movie (and I’m usually a fan of the genre). Didn’t hate it either, but parts of it (Defoe, some of the action scenes) were too self-consciously stylish, and I felt that those aspects distracted me from the story.

Kill him.

For God, I mean. . .

The film never made it to mainstream (I heard this from another forum IMDB) because of the columnbine (sp.?) incident and that this film would get alot of bad pubilicity.

As for the sequel, I really hope they can seperate the 2 movies
I am not a great fan of sequels only ones I ever enjoyed watching (sequels i mean) are the first 3 star wars, LOTR, and Terminator 1 and 2 (the last one i never liked but oh well) sequels kill the original movies.

Sequels tend to be about money more then trying to introduce a good story line.

It is a bit of a wonder why it wasn’t widely publised. I only saw this by randomly grabbing videos one weekend.

I didn’t like it that much. Trying too hard, I think. That, and, I thought it was kind of a stupid premise.

I think if we were to tell our friends and anyone we know about it
I bet it would get some positive feedback and maybe some credit for being such a great film.

I never knew about this movie until I watcch it at his house which was only about 2 months ago.

I think of this movie every time I walk by the Copley Plaza Hotel, or ride the Red Line over that bridge.

Fav Lines:

“So you’re Chekov, huh? Well, this here’s McCoy. Find a Spock, we got us an away team.”

“So now we got a Huge Guy theory and a Serial Crusher theory.”

“Oh, is that right, Rambo?”

“Television is the explanation for this. You see this in bad television.”

“We’re sorta like 7-11. We’re not always doin’ business, but we’re always open.”