Boondocks question

Do we know why Huey lives with his Grandfather? Is he paternal or materal?

I believe Riley’s and Huey’s parents are dead. So they live with their Grandfather

I’m curious if they died in some manner that is associated with race or if they just died in a middle class automobile accident.

IIRC in the first few strips we were told that Huey and Riley’s parents sent them to live with theor grandfather to get them out of the city and the Hood, not because the parents were dead. I don’t recall ever hearing anything to that effect.

I don’t believe it’s ever been revealed in the strip what the status of Huey & Riley’s parents is. The earliest strips have just been rerun recently, and there is no mention of them.

Well, I have only seen a few Boondock’s but I do seem to remember references to the parents in “Riley wuz here” in which Riley’s ultimate graffitti is a tribute picture to his parents on the garage and I seem to recall that G’Dad’s reaction told us they were dead and that Mom was his daughter, and, I think, in “Wingman”.

However - the TV show has them going back to Chicago to a funeral (a friend of Robert) and, while Huey visits a buddy, there is no mention of parents. Could be they simplified it for TV, but if we accept the show as canon, I have to assume they died in a shoot-out between country-western musicians and Illinois Nazi’s that were chasing a group of mostly white blues musicians

Which one was mostly white: Jake or Elwood?

Huey and Riley share a last name with their Grandad (Freeman), so I presume he is a paternal grandfather.

I thought the Garage door homage mentioned by DSeid was of the boys’ grandmother.

The portrait in “Riley Wiz Here” was of Riley and Huey’s parents’ wedding photo. I think it’s supposed to be vaguely implied that their parents are dead but I don’t know that it’s ever been explicitly addressed in the strip. I know it hasn’t been addressed on the show.

Right… Should have been - “A group of blues musicians, most of whom were white” (except Matt “Guitar” Murphy)

Was the people in the picture ever made explicit? Because I was under the impression that the snapshot was the wedding picture of Robert Freeman and his (now departed) wife. Thus his emotional reaction. I don’t necessarily trust my memory of the episode, but I seem to recall that the photo Riley used as a model was a black and white pic. Riley and Huey’s parents–dead or alive–should have been young enough to have their wedding picture in color, but a b/w wedding pic fits for Grandad’s wedding. Makes sense, no?

Also, I’m pretty sure the title of the ep was “Riley Wuz Here.” I’ll go out on a limb and say Riley does his wizzin’ in another time and place.

Now that I think about it, I guess it was just my own assumption that the photo was of Riley and Huey’s parents. I guess it would make just as much if not more sense for it to have been Grandad’s wedding photo.

“Wiz” was a typo of course.