Boondocks - what's going on?

The Chicago Tribune has been running repeats of “The Boondocks”, alleging that the current strips weren’t available as of press time. Typically, if a cartoonist is on vacation, the paper mentions that as the reason for running repeats.

Any word on why “The Boondocks” is in reruns? I know Aaron McGruder is not exactly a True Believer in deadlines, but I also know that he occasionally gets slapped down when the namby-pamby conservative editors of newspapers are offended by his work. Does anyone know if this is simply a case of missed deadlines or if there is something more sinister at work?

The NY Daily News says that he is on vacation this week and will return 12/9.

Don’t worry they’ll be back.

I don’t recall seeing this week’s Boondocks strips before, the ones that the Washington Post is showing. But it could just be my faulty memory.

Wierd - Ms. D asked me the same question as the OP this a.m. over coffee.

I said I assumed the author was sick. She suspected something nefarious. Maybe a dispute over subject matter/content.

Seems like the Trib generally just says “on vacation” when that is the explanation.

I am guessing The NY Daily News said he was on vacation because they chose not to print reruns. Instead they put another strip in its place and I am sure that would have caused inquiries as to where Boondocks was.

If they are not back on Monday then it is time for concern.

I have it mailed to me through ucomics every morning. Also getting reruns.

I’m guessing short vacation or personal break. (He’s done that before)