Where are my Boondocks?

They aren’t in the paper and not on my online paper’s comic page. No explanation, no warning they are just gone!!!

Hey that’s too bad lee they’re in every paper in tha Bay Area that I know of, except the Contra Costa Times. I love that comic!

Jeez, lee, don’t scare me like that. Here they are: http://www.boondocks.net/main.html

Aaron McGruder does the most exquisite pen-and-ink I’ve ever seen in a newspaper comic. I’ve seen comic books (graphic novels) that were better, but nothing in a daily paper even comes close. No, not even Calvin and Hobbes had such precision.

A friend found a very recent post on OKPlayer quoting Aaron as saying he was taking a break from writing the strip.

The strip on that site is a repeat.

Doh! I thought I’d seen it before.

You can get your daily Boondocks at uComics.

The artist is on vacation, I think until April 2. In the meantime, my paper is printing reruns.