BOOOO!!!! DIE YOU kitten stomping cocksucker, DIE!!!!

I am praying that there’s more to this story than this, but here it is, get ready to be totally depressed:


**Pet store worker charged with stomping kitten

A pet store employee has been arrested and charged after he stomped a kitten to death in front of a group of customers, including the 12-year-old boy who was to receive the pet as a birthday present, police and witnesses said.

Timothy M. Paules Jr., 23, of Boyertown, was arrested Monday and charged with the misdemeanor of cruelty to animals, police said.

Paules was employed by Zimmer’s Pets in Gilbertsville. The incident allegedly occurred Oct. 6.

Paules apparently became angry when the kitten climbed up his arm, scratching him, said Katherine Chon, who said she was buying the kitten for her younger brother.

Paules became enraged, threw the kitten on the floor and began stomping on it, Chon, other witnesses and police said.

Paules threw the kitten in a trash can, but retrieved it when security officers arrived and handed it to them in a plastic bag, Chon said.

Kevin Zimmer, who owns Zimmer’s Pets, could not be reached for comment.

– Associated Press **

I mean, talk about a dude who will NEVER, EVER get laid again!! Yeah, being a kitten killer REALLY gets those panties moist, fella!

And to make it worse, he did it front of a kid . . who was about to get the poor little furry bastard as a present . . .AND THIS WAS HIS BIRTHDAY!!!

Suddeenly, Osama bin Laden is Jane Goodall.

Man…that is messed up…

Yeek. I’m reasonably certain that kitten-stompers have their own circle of hell along with puppy-kickers, nun-abusers, and players of toad baseball.

What goes through someone’s mind to make them temporarily forget that not only are they committing a vile action, but a vile action that’s comically memorable as well?

Let’s hope Guinastasia doesn’t see this…

Oh… My… Fucking… God.

“BOOOO!!! DIE YOU kitten stomping cocksucker, DIE!!!”

I have nothing to add to that statement.

I’m speechless. This waste of skin killed a kitten in front of a child!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

Hmmm…another one slips through the pre-employment screening process.

“So, Mr. Paulus, if we hire you to work in this pet shop, would you have any objection to handling cats?”

Anecdotal only, but Gilbertsville is just a couple miles up the road from my location, and people do seem to have a tendency to fly off the handle pretty easily around here.

Jumpin’ Jehosafuck! He stomped a kitten! This man needs some serious anger management classes followed by a full frontal lobotomy.

Someone needs to stompt that fucker into oblivion. And yes, I do value the kitten’s life much more than I value the life of that shitbag. “Innocent kitten” > “Asshole waste of protein human”

According to this site, this person can be charged with a second degree misdemeanor:

I’m not sure what local and country government in Pa. is like, or who has jurisdiction in cases like these, but here is a link to the Montgomery County DA’s office, assuming they are responsible for prosecuting. If so, please write them and urge that this person be charged and prosecuted to the extent of the law.

No matter how many evil acts I hear about, people always seem to come up with new and interesting ways of earning my disgust.

Hell, this sort of sick shit shouldn’t even be a misdemeanor. That’s a freaking sick felony case.

I simply trying to imagine how it must have been for the child that was getting that kitten for his birthday. This is beyond sick. Poor Kid! Poor Kitten! Fuck is this world a crazy place.

Too late. :frowning:

Gosh, what did kittens ever do to anyone. I think the world would be a lot more improved if there were more kittens. Like maybe if Osama Bin Laden had a kitten…he’d be better off…

you know, i agree with guin.

if we only gave all the terrorists kittens, the world would be a better place.

we should probably go back to cat-worship, like in ancient egypt. then we can make what that guy did punishable by death and make felinatrican a legitimate medical practice, with entire dedicated colleges to it. and we can have research programs for cures to the disease guin’s kitty had.

-David, the “I Like Kitties” guy.

I just don’t understand this shit. Why the hell do these people do this kind of thing? Total lack of self control? Does it give them some sense of power to make up for what they lack in their own lives?

To stomp a kitten to death in front of a child…sad, very sad. I can’t even find the energy to be angry, just sad.

*Originally posted by Guinastasia *
[QUOTELike maybe if Osama Bin Laden had a kitten…he’d be better off…
:frowning: **[/QUOTE]

He does have a kitten. Too bad he’s wearing it as a pair of gloves.

Did you just say that?
And that incident is utterly incomprehensible.

I think what Vinnie meant, is that the psycho would probably do something like EAT the kitten. (I will point out that cats are still considered food in some countries. :frowning: )

Someone is killing people’s cats in Moncton (where I work). about 30 have gone missing. I would like to find the person doing this and rearrange their attitude with a blunt metal object.
[end hijack]

While I agree with the OP, I don’t quite follow your attitude–what’s so wrong with eating a cat? Are their lives any more sacrosanct then all the other animals that end up on one’s dinner table?