Boooy! Angus Scrim is dead

Angus scrim has died.

One of the great villains in cinema.


Reported for misspelling Angus Scrimm’s name.

Rest well, Tall Man. May hosts of floating orbs wing you to your rest.

There goes the last person on Earth willing to wear neck-ties that thin.

FLASH Those of you not aware of a nifty little film called “I Sell the Dead,” give it a try; Mr. Scrimm has a secondary part that’s fun to watch.

One of my all time favorite 70s horror films and one of the reasons was because he was so very good at creeping people the hell out.

“The game is finished, boy. Now you die.” Tall Man, sleep well when you go to them.

Right. He’s dead. Sure. I’ve heard that one before.

Stay away from closet doors, people.

In light of this (and because the 1st film fascinated me when it came out) I hope that the final installment knocks it out of the park later this year.

Angus Dies at the End.

Oh man, what a shame.

So, will he turn up again as a short, ugly zombie?

I liked him in Alias. In the first season, he had a recurring role as Arvin Sloan’s torture expert.