Boosting TV audio output

Is there any cheap and easy way to boost the volume on a TV past what it is capable of on its own? Our cable system has such erratic volume on some of its channels that we have to jack the volume of the TV up to maximum just to hear what’s going on. It’s not our hearing, because other channels are just fine at lower volume levels. Is there any cheap and easy way to boost the volume on the “bad” channels past what the TV maximum is? Without running the whole system through my stereo, which is in another room completely?

Is the volume on the cable box turned up. It is? Go check it again, just in case.
Barring that, I can’t think of a way to do it other then running it through a set of external speakers (and thus a stereo).

If your TV has a pair of RCA audio output jacks, you can plug a set of computer amplifed speakers into it. That should work.

Oh, and make sure the magnets are shielded. Back when CRT monitors were common, all PC speakers had shielding, but now with the increasing prevalence of LCD monitors, you might start seeing some unshielded ones.

Actually, Joey P just did it…sorta. The cable volume was at maximum, but somewhere in the setup menu we had the audio set to “Stereo” rather than “TV Speakers.” One change and now it’s blasting at max. Thanks! All it took was someone to say “Are you sure you didn’t screw it up somehow?” :smiley: