volume on pc

Is there a way to adjust the volume to make it higher on my computer for playing back audio files? my speakers are maxed out and the volume adjuster on the screen itself is also at maximum. Is there anything else I can do?

If you look around, there might be an equaliser. You can set that to max to get more sound. It might be in your audio properties, or the software you use to play audio files.

thanks tried that and it was a slight improvement. What do deaf people do? i really don’t have much trouble except with youtube which is sometimes almost impossible for me.

Youtube has its own, separate volume slider inside the video box. Thanks to cookies or whatever, the slider setting persists even when you close the browser window or restart the computer.

Maybe this slider is the culprit.

In Windows 7 (should be similar for other versions), rt click the speaker icon in the system tray and select playback devices.

Select the applicable device and then hit the “properties” button.

One of the tabs will be “levels”. Insure that this is maxed out.

On Windows XP: Go to the Start Button, then All Programs, Accessories, then Entertainment, and finally Volume Control. You’ll find several sliders there. Make sure they are all at good levels, and also check the “Mute” boxes. Then go to Options and make sure that all the controls are visible. Good luck!

Yeah, check the YouTube volume: http://theinteractiondesigner.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/4.png

If it’s not just YouTube, you might want to consider some new speakers, amplified if possible.

My new laptop has much louder internal speakers than my old one, so I can get by without external speakers 99% of the time.

But I still do find that some Youtubes are not loud enough. And yes, I do then set all volume controls and equalizers to Max. It would be nice if a volume control could go higher than 100%!! (And yes, I do understand that sounds cannot be made louder when they’re already at 100% – I’m thinking of Youtubes which were built wrong and don’t allow loudness.)

Thanks to all who tried to help. Dog80 and control-z solved the problem. I don’t know how youtube got turned down but it did and now it sounds great. Thanks everyone.