Boot sequence Question (XP)

I have created a bootable partition. I now have XP home and XP pro. The default boot is going to XP home on F:. I would like it to default to XP pro on C:\

How do I change this? Boot sequence doesn’t seem to be the answer.


System Properties
Startup and Recovery - Settings
Default Operating System - Choose the one you wish to be the default. If only one option is available you will need to start the other OS and do the change in that one. One of the two OS will have two choices and that is the one that controls the boot loader.

Goto System properties, advanced tab, and click on settings under startup and recovery. Select the version you want it to boot to.

Got it. Thanks all.

You’re welcome.

I hope it is not a rude (or silly) question, but why would anyone want two different versions of XP on the same machine?

That’s not a silly question.

But in the course of trying to fix my DVD, I broke XP pro.
I could get to the login screen but had no mouse control, so I could not pick an account to log into. Safe mode did the same to me. Stuck.

So… I had a copy of XP home available and installed it on a new partition so I could get into the machine. As long as I have a dual boot, and am suspicious of what’s going on with the XP pro login, I’ll keep it that way. The machine will be replaced pretty soon in any case.

Frankly, I’m surprised no one else has asked this. But then computers can be hard tame, and there is often more than one way to skin them.