Borat's Kazakhstan national anthem

Two questions:

  1. Who is the leader portrayed at the end of the video for O Kazakhstan? He looks a little like Belarussian leader Lukashenko, but older. On the other hand, he doesn’t look much like Kazakhstan’s actual leader Nursultan Nazarbayev. No particular reason to think the person is actually Kazakh, I’m just wondering who it is.

Lest we stray too close to GQ territory,
2. Why are there discrepancies in the close captioned lyrics on the DVD and the subtitled lyrics in the video I linked to, which I think is the same as I saw in the theater?
DVD: “Dipshit swimming pool”, “18% of human solid waste”, “plains of Darashik”, “a very nosy people”, “toffee and trouser pants”, “too many scars”.
Online/theater: “Tinshein swimming pool”, “80% of human solid waste”, “plains of Tarashenk”, “they very nosy people”, “toffee and the trouser belt”, “Turkmenistan’s”.

Human error. Captions are done by humans, and humans occasionally make mistakes in hearing, which lead to mistakes in transcription. One thing’s for certain- human captions are much more accurate than computer-generated captions.

Human error, obviously. I was looking for a more specific explanation as to why they might have gone through the process of transcribing the song two separate times, without referring to the other transcription.