Kazakhstan, You Very Nice Place

Be careful what you download:

I just… I just… wow. -_-

Wow, I assume the girl understands English. She managed to keep her composure pretty well, all things considered.

This story made me happy. I wish things like this happened more often.

Very nice!

I would love to hear a few wrong anthems at the upcoming olympics.

How about Je t’aime for France? Imagine the French Gold medal winner looking adoringly at his trophy, how much more fitting could it be?

Borat’s film was banned in many muslim countries, so it’s not too surprising that the organizers wouldn’t be aware of it.

When she won the Eurovision song contest for Germany, Lena Meyer-Landrut led the celebrating crowd in American expat Verna May Bentley-Krause’s “Ich Liebe Deutsche Land”, from TV Total. IMHO that really ought to be their anthem.

I have to feel sorry for that woman, but I can’t help laughing at this.

So now Kazakhstan has another type of problem, exacerbating their existing economic, social, and Jew problems.

Jew problems? Was that meant as some kind of joke? Because I don’t get it.

I hope this helps.

Yes. Now I feel stupid. I’ve seen Borat, and this thread is partly about Borat, so I should have realized that robert_columbia’s post was a reference to the movie. :smack: