Borax and Cockroaches

Hi. Just wanted to testify to the nuclear effectiveness of borax, peanut butter, sugar, and water against cockroaches. I mixed about a pound of the stuff in random ratios about 6 months ago, dropped the goop on old magazines, and stuffed it behind the water heater in the garage (the cockroach headquaters).

So far, I’ve only dealt with two cockroaches - one that flew in from the front door, and one that somehow made it into the house from the garage. Usually, I’d have seen at least several dozen roaches by now, but they’re all gone.

It’s so effective that I was positively giddy today about making more of this mixture. I made at least 5 pounds today of borax-peanut butter-sugar-water mixture and exhausted my entire box of 20 Mule Team Borax. I guess I won’t be seeing cockroaches from the garage for the next decade, at least :p.

Again, I cannot stress how miraculous this mixture is. I was initially wary about having to go buy borax and mix it up, but this stuff really works. I initially tried cockroach sprays that “kill on contact,” but these things are useless. I have to spray a cockraoch for 30+ seconds for it to stop running around. And even then, it’s still on its back wriggling around, and if I leave it alone for 24 hours and come back, it’s gone. Kills on contact? What a joke. Plus, I hate the odor of cockroach sprays. Borax is safer and has no odor. Thank you Cecil!

I once had an infestation of ants. I found them coming in along the baseboard in front of the living room. No opening is visible, but I mixed up a combination of borax and sugar and spread it along that baseboard. No more ants, then or ever. The mixture eventually congealed into solid mass and is still there.

Is that concoction pet-safe?

Does it work on carpenter ants, too? And does it dry to look like plain white caulk (no snickering, dammit)? In my bedroom there’s a crack between the floor and the wall under the window where the colony has established itself, which is how they get into my room. It’d be nice to caulk it up with an anti-ant mixture.

Boric acid is less toxic than salt, it works well on most insects. The honey and PB combo attracts ants who are searching for protein or sugar and attracts roaches because they eat anything. Keep the amounts small and replace every few weeks. Although it is not very toxic continuous exposure may lead to some problems, so keep yer pets and kids out of it. Personally I would mix a few ounces together in a PB jar that is 3/4 empty and set out 1/8th teaspoonfuls on wax paper every few weeks. Borax is a precursor mineral and IIRC is not used in the 40 mule team “Borax” anymore. Former Bug Guy


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