boredom & curiosity led me to the Dark Side

So… here I am, it’s 1:30 am… nothing to do, tv stinks, not really ready to go to bed yet…

I went and snooped around in Great Debates… didn’t dare to post. I never have posted in GD, IIRC.

It’s cold, murky, and scary in there. Somebody hold me… ummm, Kricket?

The Pit may be Hades, but GD is only the next floor up, AFAIC. At least it’s nice and toasty in the pit. No hypothermia worries there.

In confessional already?

If things get really bad for me regarding boredom, I do a lot worse than that.

[sub]I visit Cafe Society! :eek:[/sub]

No Ice Wolf say you don’t!

I never do this… but it’s late so what the hell.

The thread above this one right now is “Ha! Got another one!, or, Welcome Darkscyde!”
I thought this funny. :slight_smile:
[sub]I actually hang around the, um… you know, the…pit! Ack![/sub]


[reallyreally loud shout]WHADDAYA MEAN YOU’VE POSTED IN GD?! SAY A HUNDRED HAIL MARYS!!![/reallyreally loud shout]

slinks off, blushing in shame

I used to be afraid of the pit. But then I learned that most threads, even those with the best rants turn into MPSIMS type threads. I think this is also true for ATMB, which is the only reason I can explain all the ‘test’ posts there. I mean there’s absolutely no need to make a test post. It does nothing that preview doesn’t do, right?

But I’m not a ranter and probably will never start a pit thread. I’ll refrain until they open up The Water Works. Then I can start a few.

But GD, posting there is a HUGE commitment. It’s like getting married. You have to nurture and care for your idea or people will walk all over it. To much of a commitment for me. If you don’t then you’ll be committing posticide.