We need a "Great Angry Debates" forum.

Seems like this is pretty much a staple in the Pit. Somebody, gets their feelings hurt in GD then they’ll come over to the Pit to whine about the offender. Then most of those threads turn out to be a rehashing of the original debate.

I’d love to see a hybrid form of GD and The Pitt. The rules would be something to the effect of: You still have to back up your factual information but if you want to call some one a stupid f’n moron while you’re at it, go right ahead.

I rarely post in GD. Mostly because I’d get my ass handed to me if I did. I do however like to lurk in there. I think the above mentioned would make my lurking entertainment a lot more enjoyable. :smiley:

Yes, a forum with “great threads” in general would be great.

My first thought on reading the title is, “We already have that - the Pit.” That’s where I go for MY debates, anyway - you don’t have to produce cites, but if you talk out of your ass too much, people do tend to notice.

I think it was last April Fools Day that the Great Debates forum was for a day re-named Pissy Little Feuds.

I really found that appropriate, as nothing ever really is debated there.

Yeah. That’s one of the intended uses of the pit already.