Borg say "Treasurers are irrelvent"

Okay,during elections there are the numerous radio ads to elect this person or that person. At the end they invariably say “Paid for by the Committee to elect Joe Bob mayor. Billy Bob treasurer” (replace Billy Bob with somebody’s name). Why do they mention who the treasurer is? Am I supposed to go and look them up in the phone book so I can send them money or what? Why not mention who the chairperson of the committee is (a far more important position)?

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Duh, Glitch, the Treasurer is the one that pays the bill. So naturally, they can get the part added so that their name is announced on TV.

How else are they gonna get noticed?


I think the reason is because the treasurer paid for the ad, but I suspect that including his name is a requirement, rather than just the treasurer’s way of getting noticed.

The chairperson could get away with claiming that this particular ad was unauthorized. But if the treasurer claimed that he submitted an unauthorized ad, he’d have to pay for it out of his own pocket.

But that doesn’t make sense either, now that I think of it. What’s to stop anyone in the organization from sending an unauthorized ad to the newspaper, even with both the chairperson’s AND treasurer’s names on it?

A WAG but it’s probably a legal requirement that someone in the organization has to be held personally responsible for what’s going on. That way, if there are claims of violations the organization can’t claim they don’t know which of its members was responsible for the decision.

That kind of makes sense, Mike. Assuming that is the reasoning it still begs the question, why the treasurer? If it is for simple responsibilities sake you would think it would be the chairperson/president of the committee?

Come on Teemings Millions, one of you must know the answer to this!

As you know, Federal law mandates that radio and TV stations charge candidates’ ads the stations’ lowest rate. That requires some differentiation between a candidate’s “official” organization and some random group of supporters that want to buy their own ads. Therefore, the line “paid for by…”

As for why the treasurer’s name, the other posts have hit on it. The treasurer signs the checks, which is a way to ensure that it’s an “official” ad.

I agree. At school I am the Financial Vice President (aka Treasurer, but I like the other title better :slight_smile: ) of the Speech and Debate team. The university’s Student Association funds us, and while we’re able to form our own constitution, executive board, etc without their approval, I’m the only one who actually deals directly with the SA. Consequently I am the only one they set requirements/qualifications for, the only one they authorize and the only one they officially recognize.

The last part is the most important. I am the only one whose job the university can officially connect to my group, and say they’ve approved of, so I assume that if they’d want anyone speaking for the actions of the group, it would be me.

I don’t know if these other organizations work the same way (since they’re not attached to a college student association), but it’s what I have to offer. It probably is the same way, since the treasurer has to sign paperwork, it’s someone’s dollar he’s spending, and that person would set requirements. Something like that.

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