Boring briefs vs. cool boxer paterns

Inspired by this thread…

Men’s briefs come in ‘tighty whitie’, a solid color, or occasionally, some striped pattern. Why are there so many more options for boxers? They come in solid colors, stripes, paisleys, just about any cartoon character, Santas, beer bottles, famous company logos, words or phrases, etc.

Has anyone ever seen ‘fun’ brief patterns (in a regular store, not a novelty shop)? Know why they don’t make them that way? Especially with the boxer-briefs there should be enough fabric to print whatever pattern is on a a pair of boxers yet they don’t.

I think it’s because briefs are a knit fabric and it’s not possible or not easy to print a pattern on it.

I’m surprised the OP isn’t aware of these.

I am, but even as a relatively thin adult male, I’m way too big to wear kid-sized underwear.
They make cool kid briefs & cool adult boxers but not cool adult briefs.

It’s much classier to wear black briefs then stupidly colourful boxers. Also, if you ever get to reveal your underwear to a woman only madly patterned boxers are likely to make her wonder if she’s made a mistake.