Boring psycopaths

They say the villain makes the film, but some films – very successful – are saddled with villains who are just plain dull. Howard Chaykin once used the term “boring psychopath” to describe one comic book writer’s take on the Joker, and a lot of modern film villains are just that. They don’t do anything that surprises and just run around being eeeeviiiiilllllll so the hero can ultimately defeat them.

My choice is Darth Maul. Other than the face, there’s no personality, no backstory, no nothing except a double bladed laser sword. (It also didn’t help that, when he fought Obi-Wan Kenobi, there wasn’t the slightest suspense about the outcome (“Gee, which one showed up in Star Wars?”.) All he could do was some long and very tedious fight scenes. I suppose he’s not exactly a psychopath, but he’s definitely boring.

Second is Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. Maybe they were trying to tone things down after the bravura performance of the Joker in the previous film, but you could predict exactly what Bane was going to do in every scene he was in.

Who are your candidates?

One villain that comes to mind is the bad guy from Hannibal. He doesn’t even run around being evil – he just lies in one place being evil!

Keeping with Star Wars what about Count Dooku? At first he seems pretty interesting in the scene where he tells Obiwan he has discovered that a sith lord is corrupting the republic which is why he left the jedi order and created the seperatists. But then he apprentices himself to said sith lord?! It is like they had an interesting idea for a character, but then just said shit just make him evil.

Another good example: The eeeeevil guy from Se7en. The role is almost superfluous.

In my opinion that is by design.

Of course it’s by design. John Doe doesn’t show up until 90% of the way through and then it’s only to show how much of an animal and degenerate psycho he actually is.

But very, very clever and manipulative. I didn’t find him boring at all.

Speaking of Kevin Spacey, does his character in The Usual Suspects count? He was being as forgettable as possible during the interview.

You think his story about Keyser Soze was forgettable?:dubious: