Dark Side names for the Star Wars prequels. I'm a bit dissapointed. . .

I happened across the CNN “Faces of Star Wars” little popup, and noted something. . . Have you noticed the lack of creativity in the villains’ names in Episodes 1 -3?

[li]You’ve got Darth Sidious - which is basically “in-sidious” without the ‘in’.[/li]
[li]Darth Maul - like, what would you describe him doing to you?[/li][li]Darth Tyrannus - who is actually Count Dooku, which sounds like a kids cereal: “I’m Dooku for Vader Puffs! (With plans for the Death Star in every box!!)”[/li][li]General Grievous - Well, we all know there’s some sort of grieving in war[/li][/ul]

Is it just me, or do these kinda sorta seem like last-minute name choices in the script?

. . . “Oh shoot, we forgot to name this guy! He’s got a clone army, and he’s tyrannical. Wait, let’s call him Darth Fred!”

Well the “Darth” name is a name given by the Master. Sidious gives Anakin the name of “Darth Vader”, after all. So I’m not surprised that they would be ‘bad’ kind of names.

I like the Country/Western Sith singer. Darth Garth.

And the Dark Side Family Circus dog. Darth Barfy.

Warming themselves by the fire in their Darth Hearth.

And that classic movie, Darth Takes a Holiday.

The “Darth” notwithstanding, but when you compare the names (minus the title) to the Jedi with some fairly decent names like “Qui-Gonn Jinn, Yoda, Mace Windu” etc., it’s like, where’s the imagination? Hell, even the other bad guys have somewhat decent names: “Jango Fett” and “Palpatine” for example. What, did we just spaz out at the last minute and forget to name our top-echelon leadership for the new Empire or something?

But then again, I like the old gunslinger who starred in “In Harm’s Way” and “Green Berets”: Darth Duke

Or the shoe salesman from Chicago: Darth Bundy

My favorite were those dudes from the 70s driving the ‘General Lee’: Darth Bo and Darth Luke.

You’ve mentioned Palpatine… all the “Darth” villans have real names which aren’t stand ins for something else. Tyrannus is Count Dooku. Though Darth Maul wasn’t given enough story for us to find out his real name. Same as General Grievous.

Aaah, good point. Do we know what Palpatine’s ‘Sith’ name is? “Darth Clinton” or something?

I make a bad political joke, but I’m serious in my query. :smiley:

Of course there was the old, proud Lakota Indian Sith Lord, Darth Swims With Trout in Brook.

And who could forget the effects of Title IX on Dark Side training policies? In retrospect, the Sithettes may have been a little more trouble than they were worth-- and an absolute PR nightmare-- but the Lady Darths 1978 lightsaber softball team? Went undefeated. 23 games, including playoffs. Not too shabby.

Isn’t it Sidious?

Yes, it’s Sidious for Palpatine.

Well, the Sith names were picked (or bestowed) after the person joined the Dark Side. Of course their going to choose “mean” names. You don’t choose to become an agent of pure evil and rename yourself “Darth Harold”.

It’s a little known fact because I just made it up that Maul’s mother originally named him “Horny Bunnykins”. This led to him being picked on in elementary school, so his fall to the dark side was inevitable.

Darth Pooky
Darth Sweetums
Darth Schmoopie

I happened across the CNN “Faces of Star Wars” little popup, and noted something. . . Have you noticed the lack of creativity in the villains’ names in Episodes 1 -3?

[li]You’ve got Darth Sidious - which is basically “in-sidious” without the ‘in’.[/li][/quote]

Vader is just “invader” without the “in.” [Yes, I know it’s also Dutch for father.] So this is not a new development.

The next Sith Lord should be Darth Sensitive (which is “Insensitive” without the “in”). Why break the pattern? :wink:

I still say Kit Fisto sounds like a sexual kink.

Oh, come on, silly and obvious names are part of the Star Wars “thing.”

From the start, you’ve got a loner named “Solo,” a bounty hunter named “Greedo,” a hero named “Skywalker,” a hot princess named “Leia Organa,”

Hell, by the time ROTJ rolled around, we had fish-head aliens that are of the Calamari race. How can you expect to be taken seriously as a Rebel Admiral when your whole species is named after an appetizer? You can’t, that’s how.

You had me at “I’m Dooku for Vader Puffs!”

…after it’s digested, excreted, and pointed at in the potty.

That’s what I thought also.
“Palpatine, the Count made a dooku.”

[Admiral Ackbar] IT’S A TRAP! [/Admiral Ackbar]

Yes, a squid trapping pot. Come on here, ya little weasel! We need you for the next initiation. ::Admiral Ackbar runs away, acting suspiciously like Dr. Zoidberg:: “Wub-wub-wub”

You should see how other characters name sound very silly in portuguese ! I bet there has been a brazilian mucking around the Star wars prequel staff ! These names were actually changed in the subtitles in order to avoid problems:

Panaka = Dumb guy or idiot
Dooku = similar to “from ass”

Sifo Dias = sounds like “used to be fucked up”
Amidala = sounds like tonsil to us