Dark Side names for the Star Wars prequels. I'm a bit dissapointed. . .

Well you have to take into account some of the names from the Expanded Universe.

Darth Ambiguous: Is he gay? I don’t know. I’m just saying he only accepts male padawans.

Darth Cunnilingus: Turned many a female Jedi to the Darkside with his unique use of the force.

hehe… these seem like names from the “alternative” universe… not the expanded universe !

Do you think if Mace Windu joined the Sith he’d be called…

Darth Chocolate?

Darth Malmofo?

Yeah, the names do sound really lame. BTW, Tyrannus could also stand for something like “tyrant”.

It’s like naming them “Darth Terrible”, “Darth Wicked” and “Darth EVIL!”. Evil just isn’t as threatening when you use conspicuously villainous adjectives as part of your title…

A better one: Sean Penn as Darth Spicoli.

“But Hr. Hand, if it’s your Force, and it’s my Force, doesn’t that make it our Force?”

Phoebe Cates would have made a better Leia anyway.

Sort of like Ivan the Terrible?

Vlad the Impaler?

Come on, lots of people throughout history have chosen “eeeevil” names, or been assigned them by others.

No, I would have kept thinking “when’s she gonna take her top off, when’s she gonna take her top off”

I tell ya, the lack of Phoebe’s chest completely ruined Gremlins for me.

she was only 11 when they filmed Star Wars.

Ivan the Terrible wasn’t an ‘evil’ name per se. In fact, IIRC, it is a compliment more than anything. It was the equivilent Ivan the Bad MoFo - you don’t mess with him.

I disagree. “Dooku” is obviously what a 3 year-old does in the potty. “Mommy, I gotta go dooku!”

“Party on, Wayne.”
“Party on, Darth.”

Yes, and after him would be the Sith Lady who turned out to be the most frightening Sith of all. I’m talking, of course, of Darth Law.

I was reading this thread while I was talking on the phone with my wife. She kind of noticed I was not paying attention everytime I giggled!

The thought of Mom Mothma sneaking up on Admiral Ackbar with marinara sauce…I couldn’t stop chuckling!

31 posts in, my joke was intact. DAMBIT, #32!

What about Darth Flammable? :smiley:

I heard a rumor that George let his kids name some of the characters. True?

(Where else would that Sleazebaggo dude get his moniker?)

I heard a similar thing concerning Ep I. Makes sense, eh? Jar Jar, Watto, Senator Palpatine…

Curses, I’ve been found out! :cool:

(missed this whole thread the first time out too).

Um… I believe Palpatine was named that before Episode 1 came out. At least in the Extended Universe.

You know why Lucas named “Attack of the Clones”, “Attack of the Clones”?

It had nothing to do with the movie plot. I mean, the clones didn’t see action until the very end and their impact on the plot was pretty minimal.

He named that after the clone armies that attacked him after “The Phantom Menace”.

“Ooooo. . .I just hated that Jar Jar.”

Yeah, I hated him too.

“And that kid was so stupid. Yippee? Come on.”

Yeah, I hated that too.

“And, midichlorians, what’s up with that?”

Yeah, I hated that too.

“Let’s all email each other about it.”