Star Wars -- What's the deal with the Emperor?

(possible SPOILERS, I guess)

I’ve seen the movies, played TIE fighter, and read Zahn’s sequel trilogy, but that’s all I know. Looking at some of the advance materials for Episode II, I’m really confused as to how the Empire came to be!

Palpatine is the Emperor, no? We know that the Emperor is one of the most powerful Dark Jedi ever. So, who trained him without anyone knowing? I’m thinking that some of the other Jedi are on about the same level as he is (Yoda, perhaps?) so how can they spend time around good 'ol Senator Palpatine and not pick up on his massive force power? Even if he’s strong enough to mask it somehow, shouldn’t they have recognized his potential earlier? I mean, the Jedi can’t hardly finish a conversation without someone wrinkling up their nose and saying, “The Force is strong with this one”.

I realize this is a really geeky thing to wonder about, but I’m curious.

I was just discussing this with a friend about an hour ago. Yoda did say the dark side is hard to see so that’s one feeble excuse. I like to think that Darth Sidious is actually a clone of Palpatine, and Palpy isn’t a Dark Jedi. Eventually the clone (Paalpatine) can dispose of the original and take his place as Emperor. But that’s just wild fanboy speculation. I guess we’ll all find out soon enough.

(heh heh “Apology accepted, Capt. Needa.” Love that Vader)

We don’t know yet…not until the next two movies.

Also, Palpatine has the Force, but he’s not, strictly speaking a “Dark Jedi”, or any kind of Jedi for that matter.

You’re right, of course; he’s a Sith Lord, yes?

The thought that he’s a clone is interesting, but then who cloned him, and why? The Emperor of Eps V and VI doesn’t seem to answer to anyone except himself.

The real answer to this question, of course, is that Lucas is making it up as he goes along. As long as there are one or two more films left, his fans can always assume he’ll get around to explaining things.

I’d say Palp cloned himself. “Hey if one of me has this much power, imagine what I could do with TWO of me!”

Jedi/Sith Masters have the ability to shield their minds from other
Force users…that way another Jedi can’t bick up the bad vibe.

Then why didn’t Obi do that like a smart little Jedi when he arrived on the Death Star? They might have avoided some of the conflict, no?

Obi Wan came to the Death Star knowing he had to fight Vader. It was his destiny, and it was Luke’s destiny to see it happen - you can see thet Obi Wan is waiting for the right moment - when Luke is witnessing the fight - for him to allow Vader a chance to strike him down. Intentional - so as to get Luke all riled up, become a Jedi, ready to confront Vader on his own.

There’s a scene in Star Wars (Episode IV A New Hope) where Obi Wan almost runs into Vader on the Death Star but Vader just goes wandering past. Clearly Obi Wan has shielded himself.

Come to think of it, Luke didn’t realize Yoda’s force abilities the first time they met on Dagobah – but it was a plot point and Luke was as sharp as a box of hammers most of the time anyway. Luke was still an initiate, but Palpatine has regular meetings with the Jedi Council, for Pete’s sake.

The Sith have perfected certain abilities over the past 4000 years that the Jedi have neglected. You think it’s all about shooting lightning out of your fingertips? No, baby, Sith are masters of Hide-And-Seek.

I’ve heard the “Palpatine is the Emeror” thing a lot of times, but I don’t quite see the connection. Did I miss a scene, or am I just not putting the pieces together? An explanation would be helpful.

Well, aside from the fact that they’re played by the same actors, there’s the little tidbit that the name of the Emperor in Episode VI is Emperor Palpatine. :slight_smile:

Here’s the deal: Apparently, Palpatine was a Sith lord who used his power to finagle his way to becoming a Senator. He used that position to worm his way to becoming Chancellor.

Behind the scenes, he’s pulling strings that allow him to rise to power like this. He orchestrated the whole Naboo thing so he could become Chancellor, and in Episode II, he’s orchestrating some other war so he would have an excuse to build up an army for the Republic (what’s more, an army of mindless clones that would obey his every whim).

Theoretically, from there, he continually manipulates things, hiding his Sith powers from the Jedi, until he is powerful enough to destroy the Jedi council and their Knights, absolve the powers of the Senate, and declare himself Emperor.

After that, some farm boy comes along, blows up the Death Star, gets his hand chopped off, and then confronts Palpy while the Rebellion shows up with their lumpy ships. Palpy dies. The end.

You’ve ruined the whole thing SPOOFE!!!

Now I know everything… :smiley:

Who_me? that was a perfect Luke “No” there. I’m still snickering.

I think in order for all the answers to be made, Lucas will have to make an Episode 3 1/2 “The Filling of the Gaps.” It will feature JarJar in a love tryst with, nah, don’t wanna spoil it.

Force stuff aside, there are explanations (in certain books, and I know how people hate those when discussing movies) as to some ways Palpatine made his way through the Senate.

Much of it says that he was very unassuming. A very straight-nosed guy who was above all the malarky and politicing going on. In reality, he was using that image to sheild the fact that he was responsible for actually fomenting many of the problems. By the time this became apparant to the majority of the Senate, he had become too strong an opponent - too many friends in the military and too many people who owed him.

That is all behind-the-scenes stuff that you can only imagine from the films, but it makes tremendous sense. After all, we see how easily he plays Amidala to oust Chancellor Velorum.

Just another step in his scheme that took more than 20 years just to reach Chancellorship.

Palpatine and Darth Sidious are two seperate entities.

We all know that the Emperior’s name is Palpatine. We all know that the Emperior (in RotJ) looks alot like Darth Sidious. Given this information it’s a gimme that the two are one, right? I mean, those facts are right there. Well, how do we explain that the ‘Official’ database (following the links above) never say Sid is Palp in disguise? Or the otherway around?

My guess is this Palpatine is a clone of Sidious. Palpatine is a puppet for the Sith. Further more, I believe that Palpatine is blissfully unaware of this and actually believes that he is trying to save the Republic from itself. Most likely the Palpatine clone contains no midi-chlorians at all. This would explain the OP, without question.
…I think…


It could just be that Ian McDiamid is just playing both parts-but it doesn’t mean they’re one and the same person?

After all, other actors in Star Wars movies have done the same.

I followed your links, but under the “Palpatine” section, it says:

So even if he isn’t Sidious, he seems to be the Emperor . . .