Star Wars -- What's the deal with the Emperor?

Phooey! They should be one and the same any switcharoo explaination that comes up afterwards would just look stupid.

Now here is my question let’s say they are the same guy what the Hell was the whole Naboo plot supposed to do? I mean it seems to me whatever original ideas (t)he(y) had were nixed when the Jedis escapped with the Queen and saved the planet from the trade federation.

No wait let me guess the conspiracy was so complicated it involved the Jedi saving her to force the vote of non confidence and… well wait why bother sending Darth Mal? Couldn’t he have accidentally messed up by killing the… maybe that didn’t matter as… Hold on… why bother with treaty?? Oh that was to fool the Trade Fed… Aw crap forget about it

As stated before they just made it up as he went along?

My guess is that a some point in time Darth Sidious will remove Palpatine and take his place as Emperior.

The whole Naboo thing was for the sole purpose of creating a crisis in the Republican government, so that Palpy could step in, save the day, and be a big hero. Nobody seems to catch on that he manufactured the crisis in the first place.

Palpy & Sid have to be the same guy–who was Anakin’s Sith Master? How does the Emperor hold sufficient power over Vader, unless he is at least as strong in the force as the (ex-)greatest Jedi?

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I’m thinking it’s something we don’t even suspect. The Emperor is Palpatine. But is Palpatine actually Palpatine?

Right now I think he’s working for Darth Sidious, the Phantom Menace or the Sith Lord. Sidious inhabits people’s bodies, thus allowing him to live for several thousand years. Once Palpatine becomes the Emperor by Sidious’s planning, Sidious will then “jump” into Palpatine’s boding and infusing him with the midichlorians and Jedi power. If he does this too soon, then the Jedi council would be able to detect Palpatine.

Just a thought.


I agree that the crisis on Naboo was created in order for Palpatine to step in. In order for Sidieous to one day rule all, he needed a patsy to maneuver his way the Republic. Palp was created for such a job. This allowed Sidieous to become more powerful with the Dark Side, train his Sith apprentice, order new cloaks and hologram projectors. Eventually D.S. saw the time was right and had Nute and his posse, The Trade Federation, start some trouble at Naboo. This gets his ‘avatar’, Palpatine, one step closer to the throne. Then at some point after the threat of the Jedi had removed, the Sith move in to the palace and Palpatine is thrown into the trash compactor.