Think you're a Star Wars fan?

You ain’t got nothing on these people. And the punchline is, Grauman’s says it won’t be playing there.

Hmm, I wonder if any of them could answer this trivia question:

The very first treatment George Lucas wrote for what would become Star Wars had a main character whose name (which was NOT Luke Skywalker) would be used for a completely different character later in the movie run (either original trilogy or prequels).

What character now bears that name?

Mace Windu?

It’s Annie. (The “Luke” character in the early roughs is named Anakin Starkiller.)

Windu is sorta-kinda close, though. Prince Windy is Leia’s little brother. (So’s Biggs, while we’re at it.)


Aww, you beat me to it. sigh But, the deleted Toshie Station scene had a bunch of Luke’s friends, including one named Windy.

A semi-easy one for you–what was Biggs’ last name?

Hell, even I know it’s Biggs Darklighter…

Darklighter. He has a brother in the expanded universe. Makes Rogue Squadron at age 16. Oh, those Tattooine flyboys!

Which planet or planets have been seen in three Star Wars fillms released so far?

BTW, I assume that we’re considering all versions of a given movie one movie for the purposes of these questions?

Tatooine’s been in four of them.

Naboo has been in three, if you include the DVD version of ROTJ. So has Coruscant, come to think of it.

We have a winner! Congratulations… DarthFader. Ouch… should’ve seem that one coming.
Here’s some more:

What is the species name of the monster that attacks Luke in the death star’s sewage system?

Describe the scene, if you can, in which the Wampa ice beast was introduced. Note: I’m looking for the one that never made it into the movie.


Where do you see a T-16 in the movies? What is it most famous for?

Re: my trivia: bclouse is actually right. Anakin Starkiller didn’t come until AFTER Mace Windu as lead. See sites like this to see what I mean.

It’s the model that Luke is playing with while cleaning C3P0 at his uncle’s farm, famous for being the ship that Luke would bullseye whomprats in.

What characters are missing from the Cantina?
What happened to them, according to the Expanded Universe?

In the Hoth base, there is a door that says “Wampa Storage”, or some such, that Threepio opens accidentally.

Leaper– :eek: Has that been published anywhere? H’ain’t read it.

A full-scale T-16 is partially visible in the background during that scene, as well.

Threepio deliberately takes tbe “WARNING!” sign off the door during the evacuation of Hoth, laying a trap for some snowtroopers who get ripped apart like ragdolls when they stumble in. The movie still shows the the door, and Threepio mucking about near it, but now it seems that he’s running so far behind Leia, Han, and Chewie because he’s slow/absent minded. (Can’t have him stealing R2’s thunder, I guess.)

Aw, damn. You’re right. But hey, I knew where the door was! :slight_smile:

No, he has a COUSIN who makes Rogue Squadron.