I have a stupid Star Wars question...

Why, in Eps 4, 5 & 6, doesn’t Darth Vader acknowledge the connection between himself and Princess Leia? Does he just not care, or is it a male patriochal thing (that sons are more important, etc)? Why can he ‘sense’ Luke but not Leia? Is this a Jedi thing?

Secondly, can females be Jedi’s?

Leia wasn’t Darth Vader’s daughter until they were shooting Episode 6. In the scene where Luke is hiding from Darth Vader the shooting script said ‘Vader says something that angers Luke’. When the day came to shoot that scene they needed to figure out what he said that made Luke go berserk and attack. That’s when they decided that Leia was Luke’s sister and that Vader angers Luke by saying he will turn his attention to her.


Yeah, I think we’ll be given the answer to that on a silver platter in Epsode III, but I always figured that Luke and Leia were separated at birth, she was hidden, and he only knew about Luke for sure. He didn’t pick up on her existence as kin until Luke’s “thoughts betrayed him.”

And in Episode I there are a few female Jedis on the council.

Other lines considered include:

  1. “Hey, I hear Luke Skywalker is gay.”

  2. “Luke wets the bed and uses the Force to dry the sheets.”

  3. “My light saber is MUCH bigger than Luke’s.”

  4. “Many years from now, some truly shitty prequels are going to be made in this series.”

Vader couldn’t sense them until they had developed their Force powers. He felt nothing significant from Luke in ANH (only that “The Force is strong in this one”, as Luke had only begun to scratch the surface in terms of training). Perhaps there’s an automatic “sense block” in Force-sensitive-yet-untrained relatives? Or perhaps Vader needed to actively hunt out his son and daughter for him to detect them?

I think the fact that he was named Skywalker was a bit of a giveaway.

  1. “Your smuggler sidekick will go on to immense fame and fortune. Your next big role will be as the voice of the Joker in a Batman animated series on television.”

  2. “Lucas wanted Christopher Walken for your role, but the studio said he would bring too much depth and nuance to the role.”

  3. “You will never again be able to walk down the street without someone saying, ‘Luke, I am your father.’ Especially teenage boys. They’ll love that joke.”

  4. “Kevin Smith says hello.”

Hmmm… thanks, Badtz Maru for your explanation, although it’s hard to believe that George Lucas didn’t have the whole saga set out (re: the Luke/Leia thing) way before shooting. (Hasn’t he, like, for the last twenty years or so, had all the scripts already written hidden under his pillow?!)

And another question, Uncle Owen Lars… Is he really Anakin’s brother (or Amidala’s brother)? How does that work out? Or is he one of those “friends-of-the-family-type-uncles”??

I thought everyone had an Uncle Owen>

Lucas says a lot of things. I think it’s pretty clear that the relationship with Luke and Leia didn’t exist until, at best, a few drafts into Empire.

But remember, everything Lucas says is true - from a certain point of view.


I was told by a bunch of my Star Wars fanatic friends that Owen was actually a relative of Obi Wan, hence his being chosen as Luke’s guardian and the fact that he REALLY didn’t want Luke anywhere near the old bastard. But I have no idea where they got their information.

Well, my “Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Characters”[sup]*[/sup], has this to say:

Of course, most of the bios in this book seem like BS space-fillers. Were people actually writing novels about these minor characters?

[sup]*hey, quit laughing! It was a gift! Honest![/sup]

The novelizations of the movies, state that Owen was indeed Obi Wan’s brother.

Another thing-how could Obi Wan have hid for so long? And why had Luke never heard of Darth Vader (“A pupil of mine, named Darth Vader…”) I mean, EVERYONE knew that Vader was the Emperor’s right hand man?

Or I guess they weren’t supposed to talk about the old days-like people in Russia not knowing the history of Tsarist times completely during the Soviet period?

  1. “Luke, Micheal Jackson wants his glove back.”

  2. “Come and get one in the yarbles, if you’ve got any yarbles, you unit jelly-thou!”

  3. “I’ll swallow your soul!”

“Your thoughts betray you even now…you’re considering a script for…Corvette Summer??!! BWAAAA HA HA HA HA!!”

  1. “I can drive a motorcycle better than you.”

  2. “George, you can write this shit but you sure can’t say it.”

  3. “Because I’m your father and I said so!”

  1. That was your sister you were tongue kissing, you pervert!



I had heard that that line actually was decided as of writing the script, but that they didn’t trust the fellow playing the body of Vader, and thought he might leak if he knew the actual line. JEJ, however, they could trust, so there was no problem when he did the voiceover.

I agree that the Luke-Leia brother-sister relationship wasn’t there from the get-go, but it had to be there (or at least considered) a few drafts into “The Empire Strikes Back.” It’s in that film that Yoda says, “No, there is another.” Hope, that is.

From what little I’ve gleened of the plot of “Attack of the Clones” (without spoiling the entire movie for myself) it seems Owen Lars is actually the son of Cliegg Lars, who is apparently Anakin’s new stepfather. Which would indeed make him Luke’s uncle, though not by blood.

Presumably, like Yoda, he knew he was too past his prime to take on Vader and the Empire and thus hid on a barren armpit of a planet to avoid detection and bide his time until “a new hope” would present itself.

I’m guessing the Stormtroopers, Star Destroyers, etc. would be the most visible part of the Empire. Vader himself never really addresses the public or even makes his presence known until necessary. Anyone involved in the whole struggle would know who he is, but it’s conceivable a layperson wouldn’t.

Of course, this could all change, depending on how visible Vader makes himself to the public when he goes on a galactic rampage in “Episode III.”

Finally (I’m such a geek), Vader probably couldn’t sense Leia because (1) she hadn’t developed her Force powers at all; (2) her name wasn’t Skywalker; and (3) he assumed she really was of the Organa family and thus didn’t act on any intuitions he may’ve had.