Boris Johnson moved to ICU

Apparently his condition has worsened.

He’s fucked.

Is he on a ventilator? I think the ventilator survival rate is only 25-50%.

Looking it up, I’m just seeing that that is a Russian rumor. Who knows what condition he is in.

I disagree with him and the entire Brexit situation, but I hope he does not die. Does the UK have a transfer or power during medical emergencies contingency?

Nothing so formal - he isn’t president. The Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is deputising.
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His office has confirmed that he’s in the ICU. Jesus.

Johnson strikes me as a buffoon, and a bit of a dope (despite being politically savvy), but he doesn’t strike me as a total d-bag. I hope he pulls through.

The Head of State is the Queen and in theory Johnson serves at her pleasure. She could sack him and appoint anyone else (you or me for instance) in his place and that person would have all the powers and privileges of that position.
In reality the PM needs a working majority in House of Commons and HM is doubtless in touch with senior party leaders as to contingencies and next steps.

I also hope he recovers. Among other things, he has a baby on the way.

Dang, yeah, he may be something of a prat but I hope he gets through it. OTOH, this serves as a sign to other top leaders everywhere. It *can *be you.

Wonderful. Hopefully some day you’ll learn that the words ‘ventilator’ and ‘ICU’ aren’t the same thing.

He doesn’t strike me as a dope. He strikes me as being intelligent and articulate… and a total colostomy bag. My impression is that he’s Britain’s Trump (complete with the hair), but he actually knows things.

I haven’t been following Johnson very closely at all. What has been his stance on the coronavirus? Did he downplay it like Trump?

Britain’s initial nationwide response to COVID was about as dumb as it gets, allowing people to carry on with the belief that there would eventually be herd immunity, blind to the dangers of overwhelming the NHS with a curve that was too steep.

The buffoon thing is an act; on his HBO show, John Oliver showed clips that demonstrated this.

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‘I shook hands with everybody,’ says Boris Johnson weeks before coronavirus diagnosis – video at the link (40 seconds).


I’m just curious, does COVID-19 + ICU usually mean ventilator, or are there many COVID-19 patients in ICUs who aren’t on ventilators?

I’m quite sure that the two are not synonymous.

He studies classics, ancient literature and classical philosophy at Oxford - graduating with an upper second class degree, and he taught Latin at a boarding school in Australia during a gap year, so he’s definitely not dumb.

And apart from that stupid comment about shaking hands (not sure if he was being serious when he said it but that might be even worse) the government has generally taken it seriously. I think they’ve let the scientists lead the approach and I’ve been impressed by the way he deferred to the medical officers at press conferences.

I’m absolutely not a fan of Boris, especially as he has been one of the leaders of the Brexit campaign, but he’s not Trump.

Nurses outside the ICU tend to be very uncomfortable managing ventilated patients. So most ventilated patients end up in the ICU if they have sufficient beds. However, although Johnson’s condition has worsened, he is still conscious and was moved as a precaution. I do not believe he is currently ventilated. However, they are also unlikely to have done this without some change in vitals. If I were to hazard a guess, I suspect that he requires oxygen and this is currently sufficient to keep his levels acceptable. But this is a guess, obviously.