Bork MSN

From Yahoo News

Opera is an excellent Internet browser. It can be considered one of the most HTML compliant browser on the market. However Microsoft didn’t take kindly to the competition. So Opera decided to take it all in good fun.

Opera has released its Swedish Chef’s Bork edition.

It’s a riot! The Help/About info is also in Bork.

Give Opera a try in either Bork or Regular Windows Edition. Or any of many other editions or languages.

Try it if for no other reason than it comes loaded with The Straight Dope in the bookmarks!

That’s how I discovered The Straight Dope!

Welcome! Have an I’mMeasureBeGood experience.

Hey! It does! Neat. Yet another reason to love Opera-ley goodness.

I really really wish they’d port v7 to Linux, already.