Born & Raised & Living in the USA: If you DESPISED the USA, How would you destroy it?

Subscribers of the Straight Dope Message Board are probably a diverse group of people.

Are there any amongst them who, (though being born and raised in the USA, and living here their entire lives), despise the USA?

I’m not advocating nor supporting the destruction of the USA, (nor do I hate it).

I’m just curious as to how far “American anti-American” dopers (if they had the power) would be willing to go, to make their American downfall scenarios come true.

Would you have the courage of your convictions to actually do something to bring about it’s downfall, or are you content to just take “pot-shots” at it on the SDMB?

Would you form or become part of a resistance movement?

Would you use Jihadists as a weapon to bring down the USA?

Would you force yourself to do things (that you’d normally never do), to achieve your goal?

If you did manage to bring-down the USA, would you reconsitute in another form, or would you divide it up between other existing nations, (and which nations would you choose?)

My reason for starting this thread is, that I’m just curious as to how far some dopers would be willing to go if they had the chance to bring down the nation they despise!

Well, I’m Canadian, but I think I’m familiar enough with American culture to offer some ideas.

I can imagine emulating (to a degree) the Beltway Snipers of 2002, except I wouldn’t be targeting random mopes at filling stations, but the passengers of limousines and drivers of high-end cars, seeing if I could panic the wealthy to isolate themselves out of fear, spend more on personal security, distance themselves from the middle- and working-classes. I figure that’ll accelerate and already-increasing trend toward separation of the haves and have-nots.

Of course, this is purely hypothetical.

Work hard to get Michelle Bachmann or Rick Perry elected president.

I think this thread is problematic in several ways, but this is the first one: you need to define USA.

There are several possible definitions:
-The current people in government.
-The government structure.
-Every US citizen.
-A certain socioeconomic class taken as representative of the country.
-Something else.

There are people on this board who despise the current people in government. I don’t know of anyone on the board who despises the USA by any other definition.

One comes to mind immediately.

Vote Republican.

Actually, only one comes to mind, and the OP sounds almost like it’s directed at him/her :slight_smile:

Look, we’re not going to do your homework for you.

And for that matter, “destroy”. Bring down the government? Bring down the whole culture? Economically ruin? Turn into a wasteland?


I’d much rather see the country reformed more to my liking than destroyed; or at worst simply crippled to a degree that it can’t hurt anyone else. Nor do I think that there’s anything that I could realistically do to “destroy” it if I was so inclined, beyond sitting back and watching it ruin itself.

No, because they can’t and they are just as obnoxious for many of the same reasons. “Jihadists” are a minor if showy threat, and aren’t capable of seriously damaging America or any other major country.

Well, that gets right back to what you mean by “destroy”. If America was actually destroyed, there wouldn’t be much left to reconstitute or divide up. And it would take something like a major asteroid strike, nuclear war or supervolcano to pull off.

So how’s the FBI treating you Goosie? How long till you move up to field work?

Join a christian militia OR, a drug gang, or a militant Islamist group.

The OP’s question is insufficiently defined to allow a genuine answer.
But, undermining the assumed reliability of the monetary system seems to be the best solution, given the ambiguous meaning of ‘destroy’.

I don’t think any of those would be able to destroy (or even significantly damage) America, even if you somehow rose to leadership.

I believe the US and for that matter any world system is unjust and oppressive, and that the power to rule for ‘world powers’ comes from oppression. My plan is simple, have the Father defeat it spiritually:

My part in this is to love others.
Yes I believe Love can change this world. Even if I’m wrong, it’s a great way to live.

Another vote for vote republican.


Well, we’d start by putting a crypto-Muslim in the WH, even if we had to plant forged birth certificates and newspaper announcements to do it.

  1. Leave it out all day in the sun.

  2. Spill a soda on it.

  3. Lock it in a room with the cat.

Get about 50 sharpshooters, scatter them thruout the bigger cities and let them re-enact the Beltway sniper. That would absolutely cause panic in the streets. It would shut down commerce, it would cause many knee jerk governmental reactions, both immediate and long term. We all saw the terror it caused, now multiply it thruout the country fifty fold. Would that destroy the country? Maybe not, but it sure would throw a monkey wrench in the governmenmt and economy.

The Republican platform would cripple America far better than any army.

No birth control, no abortion, turn medicare into a much more expensive voucher program, turn social security into a much less safe stock market program, greater tax cuts for the wealthy, increased taxes for the poor and middle class, states teaching evolution alongside full barrel creationism, reduced child labor laws, a fence keeping out low wage workers and increasing costs for consumers all across the board, more executions, more incarceration, more military intervention, making our for profit health care system more profitable…

That’s only what I could think of in a single breath. The worst possible thing that could happen to America is for conservatives to win.