Bosda Buys the Complete "Cowboy Bebop" Collection!


Cowboy Bebop is magnificent!
The characters, the beautifully rendered street scenes, the plots!

Faye Valentine, too… :o

I got a great deal on Amazon Marketplace, with the Cowboy Bebop Movie to boot!

Even a free shipping upgrade. :slight_smile:

Happy Happy Happy!

Bebop fans!

Your favorite episodes?

Congratulations. IMO, it’s not just the best anime ever made, it’s one of the best television series, of any type, in any language, ever made. Genius concept (“anime jazz”) perfectly realized, brilliantly animated, so much imagination that’s just seemingly thrown away, and a genuinely adult mindset – it manages to be both funny and moving, without being slapstick or maudlin.

It’s tough to choose a favorite episode. “Toys in the Attic,” where some alien creature is threatening everyone on the Bebop, is a contender. So is “Pierrot le Fou,” just for being so dang creepy.

But I guess my favorite is “Speak Like a Child,” in which a mysterious videotape comes for Faye, and Spike and Jet have to look all over the solar system to find a VCR that’s capable of playing it. It’s a clever idea told in a really funny way throughout, and then BAM! hits me like a sucker punch at the end when you finally watch the tape. I have to admit that I’ve never been able to see that episode without crying at the end. Faye’s line always gets to me:

I… I don’t remember.

Hooray for Bebop! (And of course, it has the most brilliant music ever, but that goes without saying.)

Nice work. It really is a great show… I’ve seen a bunch of the episodes, can’t say for sure how much exactly. I’m glad it’s on Adult Swim despite the dubbing. I’m sure I’d like the ones I haven’t seen, but I think the finale may be the best.

I was going to mention “Speak Like a Child” too!

A good description and a “timeline” of the series is here:

Heh. As my annual Halloween Spike costume shows, I’m something of a fan. Enough of a fan to get my best friend to dress up as Ed, my dad to create and wear a Vicious outfit, and find a girl to play Faye who is, shall we say, fit for the part. Rrrrrr.

I’ve posted pics of my costume all over the place; I shan’t post them again here, for that would be attention whoring. If you’re interested, check out the OP of the picture thread currently running in MPSIMS.

Favorite Episode: depends. Currently I’m fond of Jupiter Jazz, Part I.

By the way, Bosda, did you buy the complete DVD set, or the Perfect Sessions? The PS comes with one of the OSTs and some useless bonus crap. Which, as a true fan, you are obligated to sell your first-born child to obtain. :smiley:

Speaking of Toys in the Attic, the incredibly freaky thing about it is that the otaku is watching… the first episode of Beverly Hills 90210. Can anyone identify the movie in the Movie?

The Hong Kong (not bootleg) release of all 26 episodes.

Bebop is what made me pay attention to anime. The thing that makes it superior to all other anime is that it has a coherent plot. Imagine! Hell, I even watched The Animatrix because there was a Sinchinero Watanabe segment. Yes, it was the best one.

My favorite episode? Hard to say. I’ll give the current edge to “Jamming with Edward”, but that is subject to change without notice. The scene in “The Real Folk Blues pt. 2” where

Faye confronts Spike before he leaves to confront Sid Vicious gets me every time. Damn! They’re like anime’s Sam and Diane. And it’s so in character that Faye couldn’t actually tell Spike how she felt about him, but rather fired her gun into the air in frustration.

You know what I want? A Cowboy Bebop video game! With blackjack! And hookers! No, really! The game should have blackjack and hookers!

I’ve only got volumes one and two of the DVDs they’re selling on Amazon. The Perfect Sessions was just too costly to justify spending my money on.

Anybody watched Wolf’s Rain? Is it any good?

Go to Amazon.
Go to the Bebop Perfect Sessions listing.

Click on the “Used & New” button.

Look for the **anime_in_store ** listing.

No, it ain’t a bootleg. It’s legit!

Go here–

The price is great! All 26 episodes + the Cowboy Bebop Movie!

And the **anime_in_store ** people give shipping upgrades! :cool: :cool: :cool:

Wolf’s Rain doesn’t have the feel of Cowboy Bebop. I like it, but it’s very slow paced and some people can’t stand it for that reason. It’s showing on Cartoon Network so feel free to give it a try–just not this week, because I think that may be the final episode.

Samurai Champloo (by the same director) has a similar feel to CB. It’s well animated, cool and hillarious, although I don’t find the characters as compelling. Definitely worth watching if you can find it.