Cowboy Bebop

Anybody got a link to the floorplans to the spaceship Cowboy Bebop ?

Hate to be nitpicky about it but the name of the ship is The Bebop. The name of the show is Cowboy Bebop.

If anyone knows where I can get a suit like Spike’s please let me know as well.

By the by what’s your favorite episode? I would have to say that mine is either Mushroom Samba or Real Folk Blues Pt.2
The movie rocks as well. Some of the best anime I have ever seen.

No floor plans, sorry.

Favorite episode… ooh, Mushroom Samba is excellent. But I think Wild Horses edges it out.

It’s so hard to pick a favorite episode.

Ballad of Fallen Angels is one of my favorites. Mushroom Samba is a great humor episode(“Stupid Frog”). I’ve got a fondness for “Toys in the Attic” and of course, “The real Folk Blues”.

I need to watch those again.

I’m working my way through the series again, on DVD.

I haven’t seen all the episodes, but I loved the one where some fat bouncing guy is chasing Spike through a creepy amusement park. I think I read somewhere that the creator was heavily inspired by Bruce Timm’s work on Batman: The Animated Series for that episode.

Generally, Cowboy Bebop is the only anime series I could ever stand. The characters were cool, the sci-fi-noir animation style was beautiful, and the soundtrack was AWESOME. I only own the DVD with the first five episodes, which is pretty cool because they hadn’t introduced annoying Ed yet.

Mad Poirot, I think it’s called. I definitely thought of the Joker more than once during that episode.

My favorite, which I can’t remember the name of, is the one where Jet runs into his old flame on Europa.

I love “Cowboy Funk” (I think it’s called). Hee.

The montage where the assassin guy is undergoing his behavior modification is very Pink Floydish.

One of my favorites is the two-parter where Faye has ditched out on the others, but gets caught up in the dealings with Vicious and his old war buddy.

One of my favorites is Mushroom Samba, a tribute (?) to the Blaxploitation flicks of the 70’s, by way of Japan.

BTW–those deckplans to the Bebop ?


My Google Fu is strong, but this is the best I could come up with. It’s somebody’s very detailed model of the Swordfish. Not what you’re looking for, but somebody put a lot of time into it.

Is there a specific reason you’d need them? I’d imagine it’d be pretty hard to draw them up from the shows since they didn’t show people leaving one corridor and going into another too much. Your best bet is probably the episode where Spike finds the thing he left in the fridge… Toys in the Attic maybe?

Here’s some general information on the ships in Cowboy Bebop, but I’m not seeing any interior plans.

Quick question: For someone who generally does not like anime, how does Cowboy Bebop stand up to Trigun?

I’m almost done with Trigun and I absolutely adore it, but there’s only 26 episodes.

I saw about the first half of the CB movie and thought it was decent, though the gender unknown character with the weird voice kind of gave me pause.

I hate most anime I’ve seen, but I love Cowboy Bebop, and I rather liked the little bits of Trigun I’ve seen. I definitely think they would appeal to the same audience. The gender-unknown character is female, despite being named Edward. She is my least-favorite character due to her obnoxiousness, but she’s not so bad that she ruins the show.

As someone who thinks that anime is, on average, no better or worse than any other genre, Cowboy Bebop blows Trigun out of the water. And I don’t say that out of any sort of dislike for Trigun. It’s just that CB is so much better than… pretty much everything, really.

Relative to other child characters on Japanese cartoons, she’s actually pretty cool. Relative to normal characters in any medium, she’s still not all that bad. Towards the end of the series, she’s the focus of one of the more poignant episodes.

The movie’s ok, but the series is much better over all. The animation is smoother, but the artwork is a little too clean and bright, which detracts from the gritty feel of the series. And if that’s all you’ve seen of Cowboy Bebop, some of the characters’ interactions may not make too much sense. I’m not to sure where the movie fits in the timeline, either. Somewhere in the middle third, but I can’t pin it down better than that.

“Trigun” is okay, I guess, but it never really impressed me. It just struck me as being too much all over the place – from too slapstick to too earnest and self-important. I started watching because I kept hearing over and over again that if you like “Bebop,” you’ll like “Trigun.” I can see the similarities; they’re both character-driven, both a combination of science-fiction and western (although “Trigun” focuses on the western side of things a lot more), both have a lead character who’s both comic relief and super-talented outlaw with a troubled past.

And this is going to offend “Trigun” fans, but: “Cowboy Bebop” is a lot more mature and intelligent than “Trigun.” IMO, “Bebop” is not just the best anime, but one of the best television series ever made, period.

(And my favorite episode of “Bebop” is the one called, IIRC, “Speak Like a Child.” It’s where Faye is sent a videotape and Spike & Jet have to find a player for it. Makes me cry at the end every damn time I see it.)

If you watch the series, as opposed to the movie, I really recommend Japanese with English subtitles. Ed’s just annoying in English, IMO, but in Japanese she’s a pretty cool character instead of being the token anime weird character.

And as for the OP: I’ve got a couple of books on Cowboy Bebop, but I don’t remember ever seeing any specs or schematics on the Bebop, just the Swordfish.

I’m going to ditto what Miller and SolGrundy have said. Cowboy Bebop is in class by itself. I, too think that it is one of the best shows I have seen.

It is so good, that you may want to watch some of the other recommendations first, since nothing will come close to its overall quality. BTW, I notice that nobody has mentioned Serial Experiment Lain.

Very very well. It’s not the same, but it’s definitely in the same class.

I love both series – they’re on my short list of recommendations for people learning about anime – but if I had to pick one, it’d be CB. I mean if I had to, like you were threatening to drop one set down a well and I had to pick which to save.