Bosda's Odd Experience With A Hitch-Hiker.

So, I was coming home from our local used book store, down a quiet back street.
And there was this bearded man alongside this empty street.

And as I passed him, he hopefully stuck out a thumb, to hitch a ride.
None of which is odd.

I was riding my bicycle at the time. :confused: :dubious: :confused:

Hope springs eternal!

Later, when you turned around to speak with him…he was gone.


He was still there.

You’ve been watching The Shining again, aintcha? :dubious:

That’s what they wanted you to think.
What you saw when you turned around was actually a molecular copy of the man, perfect in every detail! :eek:

Get a clothespin and a playing card. Attach the two to your bike in such a way that the card impacts with the wheel spokes as the wheel goes 'round. It makes a real cool sound.

Maybe he’s…blind and…deaf, and vibrationally challenged so he can’t tell the difference between a ton of metal and a…no.

Maybe he’s actually just a really hairy twelve year old girl and wanted a ride on the handlebars?

Maybe he just thought it would be funny too, really. Was he smiling?

But still, yes, odd.

And when Bosda opened the handbag in the police station, out fell…

A butcher knife!

And the hook was hanging from the door!

Or handle bars.

“Get off of the bike! The calls are coming from inside the basket!”

Did he happen to be carrying his towel?

Did he happen to look like this?

Did you find little ghostly handprints all over the back wheel of your bike?

No, more like a vagrant.

He needed a towel, and a wash, yet lacked both.

Not since I struck the neighbor’s little tads a cruel blow with my Jai Alai glove for leaving dirty fingermarks all over my new bike. Little toesuckers shouldn’t eat jam with their fingers, anyhoo. :wink: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s the problem right there. Because of course if he had his towel, you would have given him everything he might have needed.

For some reason, I read the title as “Hitch-Hitler,” and I wondered what that could be.

Somebody hitched Hitler to Eva Braun but I couldn’t find the guy’s name. And thank you, BTW, for inspiring me to spend way more time than anyone probably ought to trying to find out who officiated at Hitler’s wedding.

Do this whilst riding a bicycle.