I Was Hit By A Car On My Bicycle Today.

I’m bruised & sore, but nothing broken.

My bike’s rear wheel is in a knot.

I was crossing a street, from a gravel parking lot to a sidewalk, from which I would walk my bike across a busy main street.

Looked left–nuthin.
Looked right–nuthin.

Started to cross…this old guy in a horrible old beater, all paint primer & rust, races up, & swings into the side street without stopping or even slowing down. I can see he ain’t gonna stop in time, so I pedal as hard as I can to avoid being hit square-on. He clips the rear wheel, & I go fanny over teakettle into a ditch filled with soft earth & lots of crabgrass.

Bike ruined. Wristwatch ruined. I’m black & blue. I’m glad of my helmet.

Oddly, the CD I bought from the used CD store, was intact in my basket.

Holy crap, Bosda. I’m glad you’re ok.

Did you get the guy’s information so you can recover the cost to repair the bike?

What was a car doing on your bicycle?

Sorry … glad to hear you’re okay, though.

Glad to hear you’re okay. Will the guy who hit you pay for your broken stuff?

I was hit by a car once while I was selling candy bars for a school trip. In this case, it was my fault because I wasn’t watching for traffic before I dashed across the street. I felt a big impact and next thing I knew, I was looking up at a bumper. Amazingly, I was completely unhurt-- I had been knocked down, and landed square between the wheels.

The driver was understandably freaked out, and the little con artist that I was, I told him I’d forget all about it if he bought the rest of the box of my candy bars. He did.

“And how that car got on my bicycle I’ll never know.” :slight_smile:
Sorry - couldn’t resist.
in all seriousness, Bosda, I’m glad you’re all right.

Did he do the right thing and stop, or speed off? I’m sure glad you’re ok.

Out of morbid curiousity, what was the CD?

Is it really, really bad of me to wonder if this is an April Fool’s joke? Maybe I’m being paranoid… If not… I’m so glad to hear you’re OK Bosda! :smiley:

Glad you’re not too seriously hurt.

Hope the insurance question works out for ya.

No jokes.

They guy stopped, as did several other people. A nice couple cellphoned for help before they left their car.

The first cop showed up within 2 minutes of the accident, paramedics with 4 minutes. These are actual figures, & I’m really, really impressed with our local 9-1-1 people.

Police report available by next Tuesday, & I’m planning to file with the guy’s insurance. And I’m planning to stay home Monday. And also…I’m planning to soak, with lots & lots of Epsom Salts.


Whenever you file an insurance claim like that, you have to inflate the value of your claim so that the insurance company won’t screw you.

Claim that your bell was sterling silver, the streamers on the handle bars were made out of real hair, the basket was an heirloom, and the baseball cards in the spokes that flew away were one of a kinds.

And don’t forget the alien that was sitting in the basket that was killed.

See, if you’d been sitting in the basket you’d have been fine. :wink:

Glad you’re ok. If you hadn’t seen him coming and sped up…well, sounds like it would have been a lot worse. On the plus side, think of all the time you can waste here 'til you’ve recovered!

Poor hurty Bosda! :frowning: I’m glad the guy stopped and that he had insurance. Are you dreaming about new bikes yet?

And what* was* the CD?

Glad you’re okay.

And, yeah, Doper that I am, I’ll add to the “what was the CD?” chorus.

Just heal up soon, Bosda. Glad you’re okay.

Ahh! Bosda! Who hit you? I’ll make him pay! shakes fist

Damn, I hope you feel better soon, Bosda. Baths are good. Epsom salts are good. I’ll blow some pixie dust for fast healing your way, or some other kind of useful good wish vibes that do about the same thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

When you recover, start practicing your standing sprints. :wink:

Glad you’re not badly hurt and will recover nicely.

Hope you feel better soon. Enjoy the bath; you earned it.
Footnote: If it’s on the warm side you might bring the bruises out and make them look worse than they would otherwise.

Is this the same Bosda that has been in not one but two car accidents?

Why do the traffic gods hate you so? :confused:

Hope you’re feeling better soon. :frowning:

What was the bike?

Man, I feel for you. I’ve been in an accident that way… A real ‘no shit’ story. So, there I was, cycling to town on the bike path at the age of 18. It’s dark, but heck, it’s a bike path, and I have a headlight. This is not a road. It’s about as wide as one lane of a road, and it’s on top of a hill, so it’s downhill on both sides, at the point I’m about to reach.

Which is when I see the two headlights coming my way. And realize the engine noise isn’t the highway parallel to me, but coming from straight ahead.

I’m doing twenty, he’s doing I don’t know what. I’m riding a Giant… hm. I forget the specific model, but an early mountain bike. I remember it was vaugely patriotic. A mountain range? A state? It’s a heavy-ass bike.

Somehow, I bunny-hopped the sucker. I could pull wheelies on it, with much effort. I could sunfish a whole half-inch. Hard as heck to do, cause there’s no leverage there, thanks to the wheelbase. But a bunny-hop is when you grab the bike with your knees, and jump the sucker into the air.

If it wasn’t a corvette, I’d have hit it head-on. As it was, I did hit it head-on, but I managed to get at least enough of the front wheel over the hood that I slid, not stopped. Went off the left side. There’s a period there I don’t remember, but from the remaining evidence, the bike went through the window, at least partially, the car went off the road and hit a tree.

Thank god for my helmet, but I was sore for weeks. And the bike was totaled. Both wheels and the frame. (Neck bent.)

No, he didn’t stick around.

Man, I’d almost forgotten about that one.