Boston Dopers - decent Volvo mechanic?

Boston-area Dopers,

I own an aging Volvo wagon that’s having brake issues. The problem has baffled my regular mechanic, who seems honest but doesn’t specialize in Volvos.

Any ideas on where I might have better luck, or even a good web site for reviews? I haven’t found much with Google searches, and the local BBB doesn’t provide much detailed info.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


You’re in Boston and you’re having a question like that? You, sir, obviously do not listen to public radio. Hie yourself over to the Car Talk website and have a gander at what they have to say.

Yeah, it’s been a while. I didn’t realize those guys had a web site now (although I guess everyone does nowadays).

Thank you for the tip! Looks like there’s plenty of useful info there.


Sly_Smiley I am a training instructor for Volvo here in the US. If you would like drop me an e mail describing the problem, and what has been done I will be happy to offer some expert advice.