Boston Legal 29 Sept 2008 (spoilers)

Who else was routing for Shirley’s granddaughter to get raped in prison? :rolleyes: What a brat. Or Reba’s ex? That would’be been funny. None of the trials made any sense. They might as well do a musical episode. Or since Halloween’s coming up have them defend a client against witchcraft charges.

Speaking of Shirley, she hardly seems to be in the storylines anymore.

Denny was on 42 prescription drugs?? How many doctors does he have?

During the court case, Alan said that he ordered them off the Internet. (I’ll avoid the obvious reference to Shatner being Canadian and therefore Denny getting them from a Canadian Internet pharmacy. Okay, apparently I won’t.)

They said he was buying them off the internet without a prescription.

By the way, who played the girl on trial for underage voting (Shirley’s granddaughter).

Anyone catch the first part of the scotch and cigar conversation at the end of the show? Self references are legendary on this show, but that one was particularly funny.

Final thought - shouldn’t the series end with Captain Kirk waking up from a Boston Legal dream? Or perhaps walking out of a holodeck? (think Bob Newhart)

Oh yes!

“I can’t believe this is our last year!”
“There should still be a timeslot they haven’t tried”