Boston Market is doing 'Failure pile in a bowl of Sadness'.

For shame Boston Market, as chain restaurants go, I always thought you guys were a class act.

Now you’ve gone the way of KFC.
*Failure pile in a bowl of sadness: Basically, take all the ingredients you would see on any given plate served at BM. Then throw it all haphazardly in a bowl and top it off with gravy. Enjoy, you miserable bastard.

Not for many years. Many, *many *years. :frowning:

I have not eaten at one since the mid 90’s. Have they changed?

Taco Bell is doing this too.

From the commercials, it looks like Taco Bell’s may be at least somewhat healthy other than likely being loaded with sodium.

I looked up Boston Market’s and you could probably make a semi-healthy one there too if you chose roasted turkey and the right sides (if they have any healthy sides - it’s been years since I’ve been to one).

A bowl of food from a FF franchise is the hill you have decided to to die on as your moral stand in the face of the goat-fuck that is the 21st century? Wow.

No. Some of their food is from the mid 90s.

I think you mean “Enjoy, you drunk bastard.”

The insane thing about the Taco Bell one is that they are using mostly different ingredients to make the thing. Taco Bell’s whole approach to food is taking a handful of ingredients and combining them in as many ways as they can. So when the other joints start doing something of the same thing (take all your leftovers and throw them in a bowl), they respond by making something that fails to reuse the stuff they put in everything else.

Yum, you had me at “BM”.

I like the username/post combo on this one.